Cuba and EU Officially Renew Cooperation

HAVANA, Oct. 23 – Cuba and the European Union (EU) officially renewed cooperation, according to a joint statement signed Thursday by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque and European Commissioner Louis Michel. The two parties coincided in the need to continue contacts to carry forward the agreement.

2 thoughts on “Cuba and EU Officially Renew Cooperation

  • For Cubans living abroad, especially for those like me who live in the heart of Miami, Fl, it has been great news. Univision,through Channel 23 broadcasted it. Things like this, make me feel more proud of my country. It shows the world that Cuba is opened to the world, so as the world is opened to Cuba, and if Miami-Cubans in Miami- want to get closer to Cuba, they need to urgently reconsider the policies they have imposed in the White House.
    But , by the way, and thanks God, the White House won’t be so white from January, 2009. It will change to a color, slightly darker, which is more compatible to the colors of the world.
    Thanks Havana Times. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

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