Cuba and Kuwait to Rehabilitate the Havana Water and Sewer Systems

HAVANA TIMES, May 3 — The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development on Monday signed several agreements with the Cuban government to finance a project for the rehabilitation of the Havana water and sewer system, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The project aims to “meet the future demand for potable water, reduce losses in the transmission and distribution networks, and to protect natural resources and the environment,” reads the Fund’s website.

According to the PL news note, nearly 70,000 meters of piping, control valves and accessories will be supplied and installed for residential service, while about 130 miles of the water supply network and 300 miles of the sewer system will be rehabilitated.

This is the third collaborative project in this area between Cuba and the Kuwait Fund, which in this case also includes the installation of a line for the production of corrugated polyethylene pipe, with a production capacity of about 5,400 tons a year.