Cuba and US Cable Co. Not Negotiating

Cubans at the recent Juanes Peace Without Borders Concert.  Photo: Elio Delgado
Cubans at the recent Juanes Peace Without Borders Concert . Photo: Elio Delgado

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 27 – Cuba is not negotiating the laying of an underwater fiber optic cable from the United States, said Francisco Hartmann, an official from the Information Society Office, reported IPS.

Reacting to an announcement by the TeleCuba Telecommunications Company, Hartmann pointed out that “the technical and political component go together” and questioned the possibility of maintaining “technological independence, sovereignty” if the connection comes from Florida.

Instead, Cuba is banking on a fiber optic cable to be laid from Venezuela to Jamaica to Cuba to have improved Internet and telephone capacity by 2011.

One thought on “Cuba and US Cable Co. Not Negotiating

  • I completely agree with Cuba on this one. Our news in the US concerning both Cuba and Venezuela consists of anti-Socialist propaganda. We already, thru our government, subject the Cubans to Anti-Cuban Government propaganda thru TV Marti, as well as other Miami area TV networks. Why should Cuba help our Capitalistic Communication Corporations make money providing yet more opportunities to both spy upon, and propagandize, the Cuban people?

    Waiting for the cable from Venezuela to Cuba makes more sense. That is a project between two equals. The US wants to continue its Blockade, and yet acquire better access for its own purposes, at Cuba’s expense. I am amazed that after 50 years, the US Government continues to assume the Cubans are a stupid people longing for a Neo-Colonial Patriarchy.

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