Cuba and USA to Prepare Roadmap

Fernando Ravsberg

John Kerry and Bruno Rodríguez in Havana.  Photo:
John Kerry and Bruno Rodríguez in Havana. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced on Friday that during the first days of September a bi-national commission will meet to prepare the roadmap for the normalization of relations.

The goal is to draft a list of topics to be discussed in order to move forward, among them is that of compensation for economic damages.

It was interesting that Kerry noted that the claims are mutual; recognizing the Cuban demand for damages caused by the embargo, along with the issue of payment for US properties nationalized in the 60s.

In response to the mention by Kerry of the need for a true democracy in Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez said his country is ready to discuss any topic, as long as it is under equal conditions.

“We also have concerns about human rights in the US,” he said, adding that “Cuba isn’t a country with racial discrimination or police brutality, nor does it carry out torture in a territory under its jurisdiction.”

Finally, Rodriguez added that to fully achieve normalized relations it is imperative that the blockade be lifted and the territory occupied by the US military base at Guantanamo Bay be returned. Cuba also demands absolute respect for its national sovereignty.

The statements of the foreign ministers show that there are still very sensitive issues such as each government’s concept of democracy, human rights or financial compensation, but despite the differences both emphasize that their governments are willing to move forward on the path of normalization.

10 thoughts on “Cuba and USA to Prepare Roadmap

  • The correct quote is, “To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war”, and he made the comment at a White House lunch in 1954, long after Churchill had retired from political life.

  • Obama DIDN’T attack Syria, DIDN’T attack in the Ukraine and so far HASN’T attacked Iran and you still make such a statement. The US will never be a socialist state John. Accept that. You constant sniping is a little girlie.

  • I define socialism just fine. But for the slow readers and mouth breathers, here’s the simple definition: Socialism is a failed economic system that in its purest form has never existed. Rinse and repeat if you can’t understand that.

  • Yeah, well with the British Empire in shreds after WWII what other choice did he have ?
    The American Empire does not practice what Churchill is quoted as saying because it is an empire near the peak of its power and will use force at the drop of a hat.
    70 or more U.S. interventions in the last century attest to that fact.

  • As one who is unable to accurately define socialism, democracy and a host of other terms because of the contradictions in what you say and what you practice , you seem mighty fussy about whether the imperialist attempt to overthrow the Cuban Revolution is called an embargo or a blockade.
    What is important is that the embargo which was the strategy to cause civil unrest through deep poverty only half worked all these years and the people of Cuba while living poorly as a result aren’t much closer to turning over their government than they were 50 years ago .
    I would agree with your ending in that you are the master of inaccurate and inflammatory posts.

  • What is interesting to note is that Rodriguez chose to correctly describe US sanctions as an embargo. Unlike the Castro sycophants who frequent this blog, he clearly understands that using the word blockade to describe US policy is inaccurate and inflammatory.

  • Just listened to the Lester Holt interview with Bruno Rodgriguez. I was impressed with his forthright answers and would hope this man gets to the top of the heap running Cuba. He still gets his orders
    from the Castro clique but is refreshing and intelligent to listen and see.

  • long overdue first step has been taken , I hope politicians keep in mine when it comes to basic human beans we are more social then they give us credit for , peaceful coexistence is the only way for all us on this planet , anywhere that you go you going to find that people are people , politicians ??????? I have no idea .
    please lift the travel band right now , it’s going to happen one way or another might as well be soon then later .

  • As Winston Churchill said long before the revolution in Cuba:
    “Talk, talk, talk is better the war, war, war.”

  • The problems cannot be ignored, but I hope we stress the positive and keep talking….

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