Cuba: At least 49 Damaged Buildings after Heavy Rains in Havana

Weekend Flooding in Havana. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Over 400 endangered households were evacuated in Havana as heavy rains dropped over 280 millimeters of precipitation in different parts of the capital in a 24 hour period on Friday and Saturday.

By Saturday afternoon 49 buildings were severely damaged, eight totally, with a death toll of two citizens, reported the Cuban News Agency.

As the sun came out on Sunday the danger faced by weakened buildings increases, noted Juan Montalvo Guijarro, a high level official of the provincial civil defense.

While weather forecasters said there is a possibility of showers Sunday afternoon they are not expected to be of the intensity of the previous rainfall.

One thought on “Cuba: At least 49 Damaged Buildings after Heavy Rains in Havana

  • It’s just my personal experience but it seems to me that a lot of Cubans in Havana seem to suffer from asthma and other upper respiratory ailments. A lot of these old buildings that haven’t fallen down yet are moldy and moist. I think of a lot of the breathing problems are caused by the dampness retained by these structures on top of the natural high humidity.

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