Cuba Believers Await “The End” in Havana

Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 11 — Dozens of Cuban believers are held up in a Pentecostal Church in Havana waiting for a tsunami that according to their minister will cause mass destruction in these coming days.  The source of the information delivered to BBC Mundo was a family member of a young person who is in the temple.

The Pentecostal Church is surrounded by a dense police line that completely blocks access to the place, especially to journalists.  However, one of the police officers said that there are 72 persons inside including several children and pregnant women.

A relative of Yadira Ali Suñol, 23, who is in the temple, told BBC Mundo that “the group of Christians that are in there believe the world is going to end and they have taken refuge in the temple with food and water to save themselves,”

Governmental sources unofficially confirmed this version although they maintain that the number of people is less and discredit minister Braulio, saying he is not a serious person who even refused to listen to the top authority of the Pentecostal Church on the island.