Cuba: Chavez Out of Surgery, Stable

Vice President Elías-Jaua. Photo/archive:

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 28 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was stable and beginning his recovery after being operated on in Havana on Monday to remove a lesion in the same place he had a large tumor removed last June.

The Venezuelan News Agency (AVN) reported statements at the parliament by Vice President Elias Jaua, shortly after Chavez, 57, came out of surgery.

Chavez had asked that the results of the procedure by made public.

Studies will now be performed to determine the next course of treatment, noted Jaua.

“The medical team, after the respective examinations, scheduled the surgery as soon as possible. It was carried out as expected, having a satisfactory result after which there have been scheduled a recovery plan to be met in the coming days. President Chavez is in good physical condition, accompanied by his relatives and in permanent communication with the Executive Vice-President and the Bolivarian Government.

“A total extraction of the pelvic lesion was done, also removing the tissue around the lesion. There were no complications related to local organs. The immediate post-operative period has been stable, clinically without further systemic complications. He is recovering properly, collaborating with the post-operative rehabilitation. In the coming hours, histological studies will be conducted to determine the better treatment for the lesion”, stated Vice President Elias Jaua.

Hugo Chavez is Cuba’s top political ally and under his presidency (1998-present) Venezuela has become the island’s leading trade partner.

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