Cuba-China Co. to make appliances

HAVANA TIMES Nov. 14 – Cuba and China will launch in 2010 a joint venture to produce household electrical appliances such as washing machines, ACs, lights, monitors, PCs and laptops, a joint effort between the Haier Corporation and the island’s Electronic Group, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba-China Co. to make appliances

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    Also, he has a beautiful, good-hearted wife and darling kids. ha ha

    Seriously, though, we’ve got to stop speaking of the USA as though it were one homogeneous monster. There are plenty of us in the US who desire an end to monopoly capitalist imperialism. We are trying against terrific odds to get that done.

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  • As I always state when I comment, I am a so called neutral ( being British ).
    I hope the venture is a success, particularly with China.
    It has got to the point where I openly tell friends and family to check where anything and everything is manufactured and if it’s from the US of A, put it back on the shelf.
    I have little sympathy for North America and they are big enough to trade internally.
    In Britain, we were sickened and still are because of the way they fund Countries or causes to their advantage.
    Our media is finally admitting that the US of A is feeling threatened by the Chinese economy.
    My gut feeling is that this childish blockade of trade from the US will backfire on them. They are out of step with the UN and I see no reason why Obama will alter what his predecessors did.

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