Cuba Closes Borders, only Citizens and Permanent Residents Allowed Back

Cuban president Miguel Diaz Canel announcing the closing of Cuba’s borders to visitors. He spoke on national TV on Friday evening.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government closed the country’s borders over the coronavirus pandemic on Friday and said only foreign tourists would be allowed out and citizens and permanent residents would be allowed back in, reported dpa news. 

“We are going to regulate entry through the country’s borders, leaving only authorized residents to enter Cuba,” President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in a speech broadcast on the national radio and television network.

According to Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, there are currently 60,000 tourists on the island. It’s uncertain as to how many will actually have flights available to go home. Starting Tuesday, March 24, no-one coming from abroad except residents of Cuba will be allowed into the Caribbean island nation.

The measure is to remain in place for at least 30 days.

Cuban authorities also said public activities will be restricted. The government is promoting social distancing in commercial settings.  Strangely, schools are to remain open.

So far 21 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus in Cuba. All the cases were imported, according to officials. One person, an Italian tourist, has died. Some 700 people are under observation.

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10 thoughts on “Cuba Closes Borders, only Citizens and Permanent Residents Allowed Back

  • I hear Cubans are hunting tourists on the streets!! Payback!!!!!!!!! As soon as they see a tourist on the street the call the cops!! Beware tourists You are not welcome. You can only stay locked up in your ghetto hotels. Cuba loves you tourists!! Hand over your cash and go back to your rooms. Sandwich with cheese for breakfast. Sandwich with ham for lunch. And sandwich with ham & cheese for dinner. Don’t like something? Don’t come to Cuba!!! But do send your cash!!

  • Manuel is becoming rather irrational. Weeks following the WHO declaring Covid 19 as a pandemic Manuel is saying it isn’t a hoax? Next he talks of Italy following the Second World War -when the only people dying of unnatural causes were those fascists killed by the communists as reprisals. The Devil himself then enters the picture – for no apparent reason, and finally Manuel tells readers of HT that he doesn’t need a gold plated toilet. I for one Manuel had never given that a thought! Lewis Carol might have comprehended,

  • How can Cuba close borders? It’s an island! How’s that socialism working?

  • always very careful in Cuba. The scams are unbelievable. It starts as you exit the airport with the taxi drivers and continues until your feet step back on the airplane taking you home! No kidding!!

    I’m glad that all those manipulative criminals will suffer hardship now since there are no victims to take advantage of. Let them starve to death!

  • Be careful with all the thiefs and manipulators down there. Ginteras, ginteros etc etc. Chickas, cigars “my mom is sick. ”it is my birthday. etc etc.

  • Cuba and Russia sends military and civil support to Italy. The pandemic there is comparable to the aftermath of The Second World War. Perhaps it’s a God sent cause’ it can’t be The Devil. The Devil would like to see things as they were prior to Covid 19. Lets not waste this one in a lifetime opportunity to even out the playing field for all The World citizens. I don’t need a gold plated toilet.

  • only citizens and permanent residents would be allowed back in, ?? The text that I saw said residents (so temporary residents as well, and not Cuban citizens without residency). “solo podrán entrar cubanos residentes, es decir, que no lleven fuera más de 24 meses; así como extranjeros residentes en la isla.” –

    “only foreign tourists would be allowed out” – I have not seen any other report saying that. Can you give a lik to your source ?

  • Canadians love Cuba. We will be back in droves, and very generous with our money.

  • The drop in hard currency because of the pause in tourism will have a negative effect on the already moribund Castro economy. Even after the virus has run its course internationally, the economy in Cuba will remain affected.

  • It’s global folks. It’s no hoax.

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