Cuba Communications Ministry Restructured

HAVANA TIMES— The Cuban government has just changed the name, mission and functions of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications through an executive order, reports the Granma newspaper.

The decree changes the current name to the Ministry of Communications, which will be responsible for functions related to the government, while its business functions will be taken over by the Cuban postal service and the “Computing and Communications Business Group.”

Also approved were the transfer of the University of Information Sciences (UCI) to the Ministry of Higher Education, and the laying of the groundwork for the transfer of the newly created Electronics Industry to the Ministry of Industries.

The new measures will permit “approved reductions in the payroll and the physical number of employees,” said the article in the Granma newspaper. It was said that these changes would “result in savings to the budget and the economy.”

The position of Cuba’s national trade union concerning possible layoffs these reductions could mean is still not known.

One thought on “Cuba Communications Ministry Restructured

  • This is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. If the same people are doing the same jobs in the same office to produce the same product, what’s the point?

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