Cuba Confronts Massive Test Fraud

Pre-university examinations annulled

Cuban pre-university students.  Photo:
Cuban pre-university students. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban authorities today announced the annulment of a pre-university exam in Havana after the discovery of massive fraud with stolen math tests, reported DPA news.

Plagiarism affected “quite a few municipalities of the capital” said the official Granma newspaper, without elaborating.

According to the paper, two professors of a senior high school in the capital stole the math tests given to eleventh grade students as final exams throughout Havana.

The answers were sold afterwards to large numbers of students. Several parents admitted paying for the test, according to “Granma”.

Also, many students “resold” the exams and answers and extended “the fraud to many of the municipalities” that make up the capital city, said the newspaper.

Both teachers in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, on the outskirts of Havana, and a worker from the downtown Cerro district, have been arrested for theft, said Granma.

The authorities decided to make public what happened “when the investigations were concluded.”

The Cuban Ministry of Education determined that the test was annulled and will be repeated on July 1 throughout the province of the The City of Havana.

Cuba’s pre-universities (10-12 grades) are currently undergoing final exams. The next course begins in September.

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  • Isn’t that interesting! A few weeks ago, Moses wrote that this sort of thing was very common in Cuba and was called a liar for it. Now Granma has published a report on just such an incident.

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