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HAVANA TIMES – Tourism, family remittances and retail sales are down, all negatively affecting government coffers in Cuba. However, the Communist Party leadership has found a new source of funds to help keep its wheels turning: Fines.

Yes, you read that right, Fines. These levied against citizens failing to obey lockdown orders or not wearing a mask in public. Likewise, from any type of illegal producing, buying and/or selling business activity.

The government does not usually practice any type of transparency regarding budgets, revenues, or expenditures. The justification is to not give ammunition to “the enemy”. However, the success of the fines is loudly publicized.

It’s big time, and on the TV news and Mesa Redonda roundtable program every evening.

The latest report of the government’s new revenue source came Friday on the Party’s Cubadebate website. 

A total of 4,788 persons fined 2,000 pesos (three months wages on the average) for not wearing a mask or wearing it incorrectly.  Revenue: 9,576,000 pesos (US $399,000).

Fines for violating curfew, drinking in public, and food establishments serving after the stipulated hours or not meeting the health standards brought in a total of 1,031,000 pesos (US $42,958)

At the same time, the government reports having recently processed 4,748 persons for a host of violations. Of the first 1,004 trials, 99.1 percent (995) of the accused were found guilty and 655 imprisoned, others received fines.

The crimes prosecuted include illicit economic activity, hoarding, speculation, currency exchanging, receiving stolen goods, disobedience, and “other” violations.

One of our readers asked: “Now that they are giving hard data on revenue from fines, when are they going to publish other financial information?”

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24 thoughts on “Cuba Discovers a New Source of Revenue

  • People are always ready to criticize the “Communist” regime in Cuba. But here in Canada, fines are levied every day against people who are violating the guidelines whether it is not wearing a mask, or even coming into the country from another country without self isolating. Also, in certain situations you can be tossed in jail for not complying. OH, then we have our own CDR’s here – unofficial for sure – that is neighbours watching what their neighbours are doing and reporting them to the police if they think their neighbours are not complying. As for me personally, I came from one province in Canada to another and had to self isolate when I got to my home in Nova Scotia – and I was phoned everyday for two weeks by the government to make sure I was here. So, friends, lay off the “communists” and take a look in your own back yard.

  • Fines to balance the budget? In CUP? Your perspective is laughable…

  • I’m a Venezuelan and Cuban & Native American and I still have Family in La Havana y El Santiago, Alabama and Some parts of P.R. thanx to Nazi Sympathisers like Donald Trump you cant even help your own fam and as far as Communism goes if we Really gave a Fuck then we as Americans should’ve held up our end of the stick instead of trading It Up for Puertorico, isla Mona and Guam Same peoples of P.R. btw Which we shouldve kept Cuba Along with P.R. and D.R. Considering The State of Alabama and Cities of (Cuba, Havana,
    Saint Claire/Santa Clara, Saint James/Santiago) Is to this Day Part of Havana, Santa Clara, Santiago Cuba!.
    So why have we not gone their with our Money and thrown Putin out to the Caribbean sea And pay these Poor Tobacco farmers and harvestars, Sugar Caine farmers and harvestars, Cocao farmers like they are Farmers in Oklahoma Texas New Mexico whatever. But as Americans we collectivly have Fucked over Americans just to kiss White European Slavic Asses When the Poles, Germans and Russians are not The immigrants this Country was built on! So again im deeply Sorry my peoples are starving in Cuba and Venezuela so I barely eat my choice, but from a human standpoint why has El Mr. Presidente Ruíz Not Looked for other ways then Communism it’s old and outdated and from an Américan standpoint Cuba Is still an audience here in North America Puertoricans just became American less then 130 years ago.
    Why Is it ok to speak Slavic languages here but Spanish Is evil And so Is Native American languages according to people like Trump AND other White European people

  • As a lover of Cuba the country and Cubans the people, I have to refute the misinformation of “tyo”. To claim that “Cuba is so free” when Cubans are daily subjected to the repression of a totalitarian state, with the MININT goons roaming the streets to ensure conformity and the CDR represented on every block of every village, town and city in the country displays deliberate promotion of deceit.
    “tyo” as an obvious sycophant of the Stalinist interpretation of Marx/Engels/Lenin, has the conceit to label himself as one of “the smart people”. Evidence not of intelligence, but of ignorance.
    The article although brief, is factual, providing statistics which illustrate the repression introduced by Fidel Castro and avidly pursued by the current dictator, little brother Raul.

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