Cuba: Disobeying Protest Ban to have Serious Consequences

The Cuban Attorney General’s Office issues its threat

The Cuban Attorney General’s Office. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Today, October 21, the Cuban Attorney General’s Office issued a warning to the people of Havana, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Holguín and other provinces of the serious consequences of demonstrating peacefully on November 15, or any day. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, there are some people who insist on promoting “illegal marches” even though they are totally prohibited on the island.

Apparently, the announcement of the Archipelago group for peaceful marches, even requesting police protection, has the Communist Party and the Cuban Government very concerned. After first rejecting the request, now they promise a strong and violent response through “legal” means. Those who decide to participate by marching peacefully could face years in prison for such a serious offense of disobeying power. The same is happening with hundreds of people of the thousands who demonstrated against government policies on July 11th.

Next, we publish in full the Attorney General’s warning to possible protesters:

Informative Note from the Attorney General’s Office of Cuba

“On October 12, in the legitimate exercise of its functions and with precise legal arguments, government authorities denied the request presented by some citizens to carry out marches in eight provinces of the country, declaring them illegal.

“Taking into account the intention publicly expressed by the petitioners to maintain the call, the Attorney General’s Office, this Thursday, October 21, began the warning to several citizens who, if they did not comply with the decision of the aforementioned authorities, would incur in the crimes of disobedience, illicit protests, instigation to commit a crime, or other possible violations sanctioned in the current criminal legislation.

“The action of the Attorney General’s Office when warning said citizens about the legal consequences of carrying out the march, is based on article 156 of the Constitution, which attributes to this body the mission, among others, of ensuring citizens’ strict compliance with the Constitution, laws and other legal provisions.

“Likewise, Article 7 of Law 83 of 1997, the Law of the Attorney General of the Republic, establishes among its objectives: to preserve the rights and legitimate interests of state organs, institutions and agencies, to contribute to crime prevention and other antisocial behaviors, the strengthening of social discipline and the education of citizens in the conscious observance of legal norms.”

Read more from Cuba here on Havana Times.

15 thoughts on “Cuba: Disobeying Protest Ban to have Serious Consequences

  • Curt, who when and where did the protesters say that they received funding from the US? Let me remind you that the protests of July 11, started in San Antonio de Los Banos in the Province of Artemisa, not in the streets of Havana and San Isodor. From San Antonio, they spread out nationally through the use of cell-phones, until eventually ETECSA was instructed to close down the service along with the Internet.

    Have you ever been to San Antonio de Las Banos? It isn’t a den of political organizations or opposition groups, indeed its main claim to fame is Cuba’s National Museum of Humour. You ought to go there sometime, if you can’t get a casa particular, there is the former holiday spot built originally for the Russian Air Force, now a resort, named Las Yagrumas- after the trees that surround it.

    The demonstrators in San Antonio were very much ordinary Cubans, as were those in our town. But MININT has a large barracks, housing complex and police centre at the city of Artemisa at only some 35 km distance from San Antonio. That was the origin of the MININT goons who descended upon San Antonio to beat up their fellow Cubans.

    You may not be aware, that MININT moves its goons to locations that are far away from their original home towns. The purpose is to minimize the risk of them knowing those who they are sent to control.

    It is good that you recall 2016, for you are correct in saying that hope and even a degree of optimism rose in Cubans, especially following Obama’s speech at the Alicia Alonso Theatre on March 22 and shown live on TV – one of the conditions of his visit. As I watched and listened, I noted some of his comments:

    “In the long years to come, do not despair, do not yield.”

    “The wealth of a nation comes not from what it consumes, but from what it produces.”

    “We stand on the side of those who want to be free.”

    TV showed then President Raul Castro sitting central on the balcony flanked by Diaz-Canel and Bruno Rodriguez. Many Cubans being accustomed to the tight control exerted by Raul Castro, incorrectly assumed that Obama’s comments were made with Raul’s approval, hence the optimism that after fifty seven years, change was going to occur.

    Such hopes were rudly dashed by Fidel Castro in his letter published in full in Granma on March 28, and which was read in full on all TV channels at 6.00 p.m. that evening – it took fourteen minutes! In it, Fidel Castro renounced the overtures made by Obama, referring to “the man Obama”. Next day ,March 29th, Bruno Rodriguez as Foreign Minister made a speech in which he said clearly: “There will be no reciprocation.”

    As you will know Curt, the communist leopard does not change its spots. It is hidebound by concepts of the 19th century, it does not believe in freedom, especially that of the individual. The then President of the US had offered discussion about the embargo and Guantanamo, and Fidel Castro – in the full knowledge of his brother, rejected the offer.

    Under communism there will be no change, for it is hidebound in history.

  • Carlyle, I never said the protesters were foreign agents. I said that some, particularly those in organized groups receive funding from USAID or NED. They even admitted it. The US allocates 20 million a year for democracy programs and support for civil society in Cuba. Although some of that money gets pocketed by some individuals in the Miami organizations , instead of sending the money directly to the dissidents.

  • As a Castro regime sycophant, Curt hopes that the protests don’t occur as he knows that the world is watching. However he is correct in indicating that repression in Cuba is increasing as the fears and trepidation increase for los Gordos. Sentences are growing even longer, MININT goons are more in evidence, warnings more severe.
    But Curt also comments that: “Cubans have every right to protest” but then endeavors to justify that right being squashed by attributing the motivation for protest being people in Miami. So do please explain Curt, why it was that all those arrested without exception, following the protests of July 11, were Cubans living in Cuba and not a single foreign agent?
    The reality is quite simple, not complex. Cubans are tired and weary of existing under a merciless regime that seeks to completely control every aspect of their lives, that denies them any form of improvement in their standard of living, and that opposes any change. In short they seek freedom to express their views and to have hope! Hope for a better future for themselves and their children.

  • Maybe a late season hurricane will threaten, but not actually hit Cuba on Nov. 15. That way , neither the government nor the protesters win.

  • Cubans have every right to protest peacefully, but unfortunately the March is being endorsed by hardliners in the Miami Cuban mafia, along with politicians like Marco Rubio and Maria Salazar. Their main goal is regime change in Cuba, not the right to protest and the Cuban government knows that. Maybe the don’t want a right wing lunatic like Joe Carollo taking over Cuba. Anyone with half a brain knows that repression becomes greater in Cuba, with a hostile US government and policy, as opposed to the Obama years when the Cuban government showed more tolerance to dissent. I know, because I was there in 2016, when Cuba was thriving and most people were more optimistic.

  • Chas Batista have been dead for 50 years the USA never supported Batista as matter fact the USA banned the sale of arms to Batista.
    Shame on you and anyone that call a bloody, repressive, obsolete dictatorship a Revolution. Revolutions do not last over 60 years. You sound dated and a little stale. On November 15th ppl would go out to protest and USA already warned the Cuban regime that there would be consequences if the ppl are repressed so the European Union already cuts the funds for the arrest and incarceration from July 11 protest the ex communist countries embassies in Gavaba already publicly said they would be filming on the street. The agonizing “Revolution” it’s in terminal phases. Go for the people of Cuba.
    I live in Freedom.

  • Communist intimidation and repression has its supporters, not only the 7% of Cubans who are members of the PCC, but sycophants who live in safety in capitalist countries and use their freedom of expression to express support for its denial to others! Perhaps Dan and Chas may explain that? Speak up!

  • Good for Cuba’s attorney general. Don’t let the USA use its supporters in Cuba to harm the revolution. Once the USA gives up on its attempts to bring back Batista then there can be peaceful demonstrations in Cuba protected by the police.

  • We here in Ireland took to protest against unionist and British oppression in the form of the civil rights movement. So long as the protest marches are peaceful and when the oppressors attack you, turn the other cheek and stay strong. People power will win in the end but sacrifices need to be made over a period of time to win your goals.

  • So Dan, bottom line with you Is that you are supporting the Cuban dictatorship and the power to denying to the citizens if Cuba the right to protest peacefully . Because the Cubans want to end 62 of horrible politics, repression, lack of association, free speech and horrible economics policies? Are you with the protesters or against the idea to manifestation against the Cuban dictatorship? Please yes or no I do not want to hear anything about Ohio, Indianapolis ir Chattanooga, I just want to know if you think rather Cubans on the island and in exile around the word have the right to ask to change to a “brutal” Capitalism like the one your live in and enjoy it’s benefits.

  • Olga – I see you can Google ! Your’re right, it was around WWI. I think Cuba is in more danger from the United States than the US was from the Kaiser’s Germany in 1917. But if you want something more current, how about what they are doing in Minnesota to the Embridge Line 3 protestors ? 2021 -President Biden, absolutely no threat to the established order, just asking for a little consideration for the environment over profit. How are they treated ?

  • Dan yup, over 100 years ago and in times of war. How selective is your references.

  • Olga, kinda like when Eugene Debs was arrested an imprisoned — for reading aloud the Bill or Rights in a public park. Right ?

  • Illegal marches. Imagine for a moment the faces of all those horrible ppl that comment frequently justifying and making excuses for the Cuban dictatorship if peaceful marches were ilegal in Europe, USA or in other democratic elected countries. Needless to say that nobody absolutely nobody elected the Cuban dictatorship. How they can say I love the Cuban ppl and see hopelessness and be ok with it, enjoying the freedom of Capitalism and being cynical enough to denying to others the freedom and benefits of a free society.

  • Intimidation, a well known communist tactic. There will be more!

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