Cuba Dissidents Want US Travelers

Dance event in Old Havana.

HAVANA TIMES, June 10 — In a letter to the US Congress seventy-four of Cuba’s dissidents have asked that the legislators lift the travel ban on US citizens visiting the island, in place for most of the last half century.

The request comes as the House of Representatives Agricultural Committee is expected to vote soon on the Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act (H.R. 4645) that was introduced by the committee’s chairman Rep. Peterson (D-MN) and Rep. Moran (R-KS) earlier this year.

As written, the bill would restore U.S. citizens’ right to travel to Cuba and improve procedures for U.S. agricultural sales to the island.

According to the Latin American Working Group (LAWG), there are fears that the travel language will get stripped from the bill before passage out of the committee, but Rep. Peterson has said he is committed to pushing the bill through fully intact.

President Obama has not said whether he would sign a bill to allow travel to Cuba if it managed to pass both chambers of Congress.

Read the full text of the letter to the US Congress.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Dissidents Want US Travelers

  • Some of The so called dissidents here are the problem some are just thugs and should be removed. and or locked up..
    .There are others like a few Docs i know that could use mercy..But if some of those in jail, possible freaks and voyuers from around the world, etc or those in Miami think that they are speaking for the whole..NOT my country is not all about the 3 b’s..Transformation must come from within…Slowly as in the 50’s and now like it or not..Noone from OUTSIDE of CUBA or any NON Cuban should have a voice in what goes on inside..

    Amerikkka has our men 5 cubans who did nothing but make sure thier country and our people were safe..Amerikkka has a man who shot down an airplane killing many whom they will not return..WHY is that? Get real …
    That is why Fidel came to power..Now all of u know it alls, convince the Average African Cuban like me otherwise..And if u are not someone who looks like me nothing u say makes a difference. Esp if u do not live here? The average person is a tourist who has read about, heard about and now wants to see whether the 3 b;s exist..YES they do, and none of them will be yours..Not for the $$ not for the pleas..
    With all of the financial trouble in the US u would think that at least discussions would have begun 20 yrs ago..Now there is a Pres in office who does not have a clue about what is happening to our people?

    The defense of our not negotiable..Our sovereignty is a principle for which t i am willing to struggle / die for before i will see Cuba go back to” El Lindo Mulattos yrs..

    Milagros Garcia Villamil

  • If the hopelessly corrupt and venal U.S. Congress improves relations with Cuba it will be a miracle. These scumbags are preparing for WWIII; why should they get off-message for a dinky little island they’ve always assumed they owned outright..?

    Don’t get your hopes too high — but be wary of any “improvements” too. As they say: beware of greeks bearing gifts.

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