Cuba: Editors of Catholic Church Journal Dismissed

Lenier Gonzalez Mederos and Roberto Veiga, edited Espacio Laical for a decade. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The editors of the Catholic magazine, Espacio Laical, organ of sociological debate of the Archdiocese of Havana, were removed from their posts, reported Café Fuerte on Wednesday.

Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez Mederos announced the decision in a brief note circulated by email.

“We want to inform you that after a decade of hard work, in which we sought to help build roads for prosperity and stability in our country, we have been dismissed as Editor and Vice-editor of the magazine,” they said. “It’s been a pleasure being able to share with you during this time, clinging to the belief that building a better Cuba is possible. Without you this beautiful adventure would not have taken place.”

Reacting to the announcement, political scientist Armando Chaguaceda was quoted by Cafe Fuerte as saying: “I’m surprised because the publication had reached a level of sustainability and won a space and respect of a wide audience with a moderate, proactive and dialogical language. It is symptomatic of what happens when the debate reaches specific structural issues such as the opposition. It might have scared some conservative wing of the church or state, or both”.

The publication, with a print edition and a digital page, had opened a space for debate on social, economic and political issues related to the Cuban reality. Editions had direct supervision of Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop of Havana.

The editors had also organized conferences and panels in Havana with the participation of Cuban writers and economists living abroad.

Veiga and Mederos had coined the concept of “loyal opposition”, which generated much debate outside Cuba. The latest issue of the online edition, updated May 31, includes pieces by both editors entitled “The dilemmas of loyalty,” by Gonzalez and “Loyal Opposition: building roads of stability and progress,” by Veiga.

One thought on “Cuba: Editors of Catholic Church Journal Dismissed

  • Given the tepid ‘opposition’ this publication presented to the regime and the constant criticism leveled against the editorial staff by the dictatorship’s opposition outside Cuba, it is hard to imagine that the dismissal was based on an editorial failing that went against the Castro strict control over criticism of the regime. In Cuba, given the rampant corruption at even the highest levels of management, it is possible these two were involved in some non-editiorial issue. We may likely never know.

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