Cuba Expands Tourism in Protected Area

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 15 – Cuban authorities expanded the number of rooms of the María la Gorda International Scuba Diving Center and the installations of Los Morros de la Piedra Marina in the Biosphere Reserve of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in the western tip of the Caribbean country, announced Julio Camacho, director of the Office for the Development of that island.

One thought on “Cuba Expands Tourism in Protected Area

  • Open letter to Sr. Camacho,
    Please take care not to ruin the pristine beauty that is Cuba today. Once you have lost that, it is gone forever. I have not seen this part of Cuba but I have seen Las Terrazzas near Habana and it is lovely and precious. Once trade opens up with America and others, and it will under Obama, there will be a flood of money trying to exploit the island. Do not let it get out of hand.

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