Cuba Film Festival Awards Announced

The winning films get another showing on Sunday. Photo: Caridad
The winning films get another showing Sunday. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 12 – The Havana Film Festival awards were announced on Saturday afternoon and the winning movies will get an extra showing on Sunday.   “La teta asustada” a Peru-Spain co-production by director Claudia Llosa won the first prize for a full-length fiction film.

The top prize for a documentary went to “La perdida” (Argentina-Spain) by Enrique Gabriel and Javier Angulo.  The winning short fiction film went to “Para pedir perdon” (Brazil) by Ibere Carvalho.

The other awards were as follows:

Best Director: Juan Jose Campanella (El secreto de sus ojos – Argentina)

Best Actress: Catalina Saavedra (La Nana – Chile-Mexico)

Best Actor: Ricardo Darion (El secreto de sus ojos)

Opera Prima: Haucho (Chile, France, Germany) by Alejandro Fernandez Almendras

Opera Prima:  Second Prize: Gigante (Uruguay, Germany, Argentina, Holland) by Adrian Biniez

Opera Prima Third Prize:  Cinco Dias sin Nora (Mexico) by Mariana Chenillo

Opera Prima Special Jury Prize:  El vuelco del cangrejo (Colombia, France) by Oscar Ruiz Navia

Opera Prima Mention:  La Yuma (Nicaragua) by Florence Jaugey

Best Documentary Second Prize:  Garapa (Brazil) by Jose Padilla

Best Documentary Third Prize: El General (Mexico) by Natalia Almada

Best Original Musical Score:  El secreto de sus ojos by Federico Jusid

Musical Score (Mention):  El traspatio by Oscar Figueroa

Best Fiction Film Second  Prize:  La Nana by Sebastián Silva

Best Fiction Film Third Prize:  Viajo porque necesito, vuelvo porque te amo by Marcelo Gomes and Karim Ainouz.

Best Script:  Sabine Berman (El traspatio)

Best Photography:  Ricardo Della Rosa (A la deriva)

Artistic Direction:  Susana Torres and  Patricia Bueno (La teta asustada)

Best Sound:  Ricardo Cruz and Waldir Xavier (Viajo porque necesito, vuelvo porque te amo)

Best Short Fiction Film (Mention):  Los minutos, las horas (Brazil, Cuba) by Janaina Marques Ribeiro

Best Artistic Contribution:  Los famosos y los duendes de la muerte (Brazil, France) by Esmir  Filho

Special Jury Prize:  Fragmentos rebelados (Argentina) by David Blaustein.

Jury Mention for:  La marea (Cuba) de Armando Capó Ramos.

Best Film about Latin America from a non-Latin American director:  Hijos de Cuba by British director Andrew Lang.

Animation First Prize:  31 minutos, la pelicula (Chile) by Pedro Peirano and Alvaro Diaz.

Animation Second Prize:  Jaulas (Mexico) by Juan Jose Medina.

Animation Third Prize:  El niño que plantaba inviernos (Brazil) by Victor-Hugo Borges

Best Movie Poster:  La Marea (Cuba) by Eloy Ramon Hernandez Dubrosky and  Liset Vidal de la Cruz (Cuba).

Best Unpublished Script:  Infancia clandestine (Argentina) by Benjamin Avila and Marcelo Muller

Best Unpublished Script Mention:  Sobreviviendo (Cuba) by Alejandro Brugues.

Audience Popularity Award:  El secreto de sus ojos

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  • Thanks for catching our mistake in the part below. It is now corrected.

  • There’s a mistake.

    Best Short Fiction Film: is Para Pedir Perdon (Brazil) by Iberê Carvalho

    From Havana festival website:

    Premio coral
    Para pedir perdón (Brasil), de Iberê Carvalho

    Los minutos, las horas (Brasil, Cuba), de Janaína Marques Ribeiro

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