Cuba Gets Symbolic Victory at UN

By Circles Robinson

Scene from Havana.

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 26 — The United States half-century economic blockade on Cuba got another resounding rebuff on Tuesday at the United Nations by a record 187-2 vote.

Only Israel supported Washington’s position with all other US allies telling the Obama administration that enough’s enough on the attempted stranglehold on Cuba.

There were three abstentions: The Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.

Many of the countries that supported Cuba’s resolution against the blockade have their differences with the island’s government but do not think the US policy is fair.

The vote is non-binding with no teeth to force the US to change its policy.

In 2009, the vote was 187-3 with tiny Palau also joining the US and Israel.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Gets Symbolic Victory at UN

  • I’m always hoping that the cruelty towards the Cubans stops. End the embargo.

  • Just another year of the U.S.A. obstinately maintaining a cruel and inhumane policy against Cuba. Let’s not forget Washington’s stated reasons for implementing the “embargo”:

    “We must rapidly use every conceivable method to weaken Cuban economic life”, read an important official document signed by state department official L.D. Mallory on April 6, 1960. He added: “A course of action that would have major impact in denying Cuba money and supplies, in order to reduce salaries with the aim of causing hunger, desperation and overthrowing the government.”

    The USA’s intent was – is – to cause HUNGER and DESPERATION, hoping it would lead Cubans to rise up against their government. It didn’t work, and it will never work. And yet the embargo persists.

    Not enough attention is given to the ethics involved here. In the words of the State Department, the USA wanted to make Cubans SUFFER. How Cuba ended up being seen as the “bad guy” in this geopolitical tiff….

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