Cuba Gov. Bans Import of Auto Parts

HAVANA TIMES, Apr. 30 – The Cuban authorities banned the import of auto and motorbike engines and bodyworks, which they had approved two years ago, according to a new resolution published in the Gaceta Oficial.  Two months before the government also decided to cancel the purchase of modern cars abroad to replace older models, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Gov. Bans Import of Auto Parts

  • Banned engines and bodyworks. Old cars with new engines still burn fuel. Is this a fuel saving measure? Did this banning refer to government purchases only?

  • I bet a lot of cubans will not like this. I am assuming this happened because of the World recession and an increasing cuban balance-of-payments deficit. What to do, eh?

    Hopefully cheaper vehicles and parts can be had soon from outside the Western imperialist economic sphere: from say, China or Russia, or even from America Latina. Cuba definitely — and desperately — needs to continue to raise its technological and industrial level. It is a requirement of building socialism. But food first. Always the food first.

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