Cuba Gov. Boots Key Minister

Yadira Garcia, photo:

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 20 — Yadira Garcia, 54, one of the highest ranking female cabinet members of the government of Raul Castro, was removed from her post as Minister of Basic Industries, informed the local press on Monday.

The short note announced the reason for Garcia’s dismissal as “”her deficiencies especially in poor control of resources destined for investment and the productive process.”

Oil, mining and energy are all responsibilities of the Ministry of Basic Industries.

The government said that Vice Minister Thomas Benitez will stand in for Garcia until a new minister is appointed.

The deposed miniser is also a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and has been a representative in the Cuban parliament since 1993.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Gov. Boots Key Minister

  • Could somebody update this report? I see references to her still functioning as a state representative in 2012 in Vietnam and other venues, such as mentioned in, July 03, 2012′

  • Does this cryptic comment simply mean that she couldn’t control corruption in her bailiwick..? Or does it imply that she herself is corrupt? Or does it mean that the actual forces of corruption in the government simply want to control the resources she had heretofore been in charge of?

    Who knows, indeed, where all the skeletons are buried, in Cuba..?

    As far as we know, the _real_ forces of corruption inside the cuban bureaucracy and Party could just as easily be setting up the people who are in fact NOT corrupt — and this women is simply one of their victims… But how are we to know, either way, when such a secretive and opaque government remains unaccountable to the citizenry?

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