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HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 11 — The Cuban government has finally informed the population on the situation revolving around a group of over 60 Pentecostal Church followers, held up in a Havana temple waiting for the catastrophe predicted by their pastor.

In a message read on the afternoon national news program, the authorities said they were doing all they can to resolve the situation at the Pentecostal Evangelical Church located on Infanta Avenue and Santa Marta Street.

Fernando Ravsberg of BBC Mundo had reported in the morning that “dozens of Cuban believers are held up in a Pentecostal Church in Havana waiting for a tsunami that according to their minister will cause mass destruction in these coming days.”

Ravsberg noted that the temple “is surrounded by a dense police line that completely blocks access to the place, especially to journalists.”  He added that “one of the police officers said that there are 72 persons inside including several children and pregnant women.”

The official note read on Cuban TV went on to state: “These persons, gathered at the temple by their own choice since August 21, were called there by Braulio Herrera Tito, who was separated as a minister from his religious denomination for internal reasons back in May 2010.”

The government said a group of relatives went to the authorities, especially concerned about the situation of the children, who are not attending school (the new academic year began Monday Sept. 5) and for the pregnant women who are not receiving medical attention.

“After several contacts with the leaders of the retreat, a medical team checked on the health of the pregnant women, who have decided to remain in the temple. The expectant mothers were warned that their prolonged stay, without specialized medical attention could affect their health. Likewise the concern over the children missing classes was communicated,” states the press note.

The Police authorities said they will “continue to protect the citizen safety to avoid any type of incident and expressed their apology for any inconvenience to the population.”

The government said it will continue to seek a favorable solution to the situation “working with relatives, the community and representatives of the involved religious institutions.”

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