Cuba Gov. Re-Blasts Yoani Sanchez

Yoani Sanchez. Photo/archives HT

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 26 — The leading Cuban government website,, unleashed a front page attack on blogger Yoani Sanchez on Sunday with an article accusing her of working for the enemy (USA) for pay.

Originally published in the Mexican publication La Jornada, the commentary by Salim Lamrani accuses Sanchez of inflating her popularity on Twitter with numerous fictitious accounts.

The article also notes that Sanchez has received over 250,000 Euros in prize money for her blog Generation Y, which presents a highly acrid view of daily life in Cuba in 21 languages.

According to Lamrani, Sanchez documented contacts with the US Interests Section’s diplomats in Havana (wikileaks) is tacit proof of her betrayal of the Cuban government, which blames the Unites States and its half century blockade on Cuba for the majority of the island’s economic woes.

The republishing in Cubadebate is followed by a stream of over a hundred reader comments backing the attacks on Sanchez.

Sanchez says she has been under close surveillance for years by Cuban State Security agents but has never been charged with having committed any crime against the Cuban State.

It is uncertain whether Granma newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Cuban Communist Party and government, will carry the article by Lamrani on Monday.  Granma does not have a Sunday print edition.


5 thoughts on “Cuba Gov. Re-Blasts Yoani Sanchez

  • The mother theresa-like peasant blouses, long hair, etc. were very effective. Sadly, people along her travels from country-to-country gave her millions in cash thinking she was the great new hope and a lone grass roots worker.

    Sadly, now that I’ve read the wikileaks report and know with certainty that she’s had years of planning sessions at the home of Parmly (Chief of US Interests in Havana), I really feel that monies collected from the public should be returned.

    We contacted her via direct twitter asking her to either deny or defend the detailed wikileaks report and she sadly chose to ignore the request. I interviewed her brother this week and he was unable to defend her.

    Here is the wikieleaks report, read it yourselves:

  • You can be sure she is lying. How can she be independent of any government if she has a credit card and pay pal account that she could not get without being an agent of the U.S. government. Do not take my word for this; look at the U.S Treasury Site and you will see that a Cuban anywhere in the world cannot have a means of transferring money using a U.S. business. She would have to have thousands of readers a second to reach the 14 million people she claims to reach each month; do the calculations. The New Your Times in 2009 had 33 million visits a month; the Prisa group in Spain, a right wing group that is an enemy of Cuba, has 250 websites to transact their business, and they only have 54 million visits a month. Only a fool would be taken in by Yoani; she is an agent of the U.S. government who gave her an award in 2011 for courage. The only courage she has is to carry out a scam to collect money on her pay pal account. And you are right about her blog book; is is drivel and she only writes 2 or 3 paragraphs and never has any analysis or data; only whines.

  • Obviously you have not been here in Cuba. And even if you come as a tourist, you will hardly understand the reality of this people, cause we’ve learn very well how to play the “happy face” in front of foreigners –for so many reasons…
    Believe it or not, there are so many mute Yoani Sanchez in this country!!

  • Yoani is a very gifted and prolific writer. That’s the reason her blog is so widely read. She is also very politically astute. I find myself almost always agreeing with her opinions. When Cuba becomes a democracy, I see her as a future leader.

  • I read Mme Sanchez’s regrouped blogs in a book recently. I would be surprised if she were paid by the “enemy” because after a while her comments are repetitious and frankly boring and investing in her would be a waste of money. I’m not saying she’s lying but wherever she would have resided on this planet she would have made negative comments on her country. Honestly, is everything so negative in Cuba? I doubt it very much.

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