Cuba Gov. to Free 52 Prisoners

HAVANA TIMES, July 7 – The Cuban government will release in the next few weeks all the political prisoners that remain of the 75 opposition members arrested in 2003, a press release by the Archbishopric of Havana reported today.  The decision was notified to Cardinal Jaime Ortega during a meeting with the foreign ministers of Cuba and Spain, Bruno Rodríguez and Miguel Angel Moratinos, respectively.  The released dissidents will be able to leave the country in a process that will be completed in the next three or four months, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Gov. to Free 52 Prisoners

  • Personally i believe this has good merits..however anyone or thing that poses a threat to the sovereignty of my couintry should be taken to the airport and sent out of Cuba..Dismissed deleted and all memory destroyed. Kick them out and give them a cigar.. and Never Never return!
    i feel no pain NADA for any peraon who believes or believed they could force the Cuban GOV do anything.. Raul and the Gov did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do so..However, like the smart people.. they are..believe me some country paid for this..Just keep reading and watching

    This is my home and i have been here for 7 days. My family members fought and died for this country and we love it..GOOD BAD AND IN BETWEEEN….i say good riddance to bad basuda..GIT!!

    Now yes there needs to be some give and take..but never at the exzpense of the whole. Wars cause bolld and if blood must flow let it be for freedom vs supremacy as in imperialist amerikkka..Now for those who wish to bash me..c ya!! LMAO look in the mirror..Now if u are a non-cuban nothing u say matters to me..u are non-descript..Cubans who think its a good thing….Gracias
    .All others get over it


  • It’s time to send Cardinal Ortega to Washington. It’s now up to the US to acknowledge the actions of the Cuban Government by releasing the Cuban Five.

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