Cuba Gov. to Meet with Residents in USA

Cuban Interests Section building in Washington D.C. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 23 — The First National Meeting of Cuban Residents in the United States, organized by the Cuban Interests Section in that country, was called yesterday for April 28, reported the Cubadebate website.

The Cuban Interests Section will admit those participants who are expressly invited to the meeting scheduled to be held in Washington DC.

According to the annoucement, the invited Cuban residents will be those, “who are connected to their country in a respectful manner and are mindful of the urgency of defending its sovereignty and national identity.”

The gathering is part of the process to normalize relations with emigrants from the island and is part of an effort that began with the “Dialogo 1978” conference and continued with the “Nacion y Emigracion” conference held in Havana.

One thought on “Cuba Gov. to Meet with Residents in USA

  • What a total waste of time this will be! The Cuban Section Interest Office will only invite friendly, like minded Cubans. The time will be spent bashing US government policy towards Cuba and then someone will decide to issue a letter to Obama (hey, there’s a new idea) demanding the release of the Cuban Five and, oh yeah, to end the embargo. Even if someone dares to bring up Cuba’s much anticipated reforms to emigration, Raul has already expressed that changes will occur when he is good and ready and not a moment sooner. And especially not because the exile community in the US want it! Oh well, it will be an opportunity for the anti-Castro paid photographers to get some really good snapshots of the attendees entering and leaving the meeting.

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