Cuba Gov. Unblocks Several Websites

Cubans in line to check their e-mail or use the Internet.
Cubans in line to check their e-mail or use the Internet.

HAVANA TIMES — Numerous websites previously blocked in Cuba have suddenly become available, reports Progreso Semanal. What’s not clear is whether the change represents a policy shift or is a temporary error by the censors.

The leading Cuban classified ads site,, and the critical Cubaencuentro publication, both banned for years, were visible in Havana and several provinces on Thursday.

For the small minority with a fast enough connection, Skype was also working, something that could revolutionize the way Cubans communicate with family and friends abroad if massively made available.

Observers note that since there was never any public information on what sites were being blocked by the Cuban government and why, it is possible that no official mention would be made about any unblocking.

Likewise, they noted that it is too soon to tell whether the change represents a real opening to information and services or is just an error to be quickly remedied.

Even with websites that had not been previously blocked, at the workplace level, employees exercise self-censorship to avoid problems with State management, which routinely keeps tabs on who visits which websites, with a keen eye for those that present articles critical of the government and its leaders.

10 thoughts on “Cuba Gov. Unblocks Several Websites

  • You will lose that bet, John.
    When the Castro’s are removed the elite will scramble to seize the best assets and deal with the US.
    Regretfully “Russian oligarch” scenario becomes every day more likely.
    It seems that in your case “support of a dictator as long as he is anti-capitalist” springs to mind.
    The ones that are inflicting poverty on the Cuban people is the Castro elite that destroyed the country.

  • This is good, but knowing that this is against the communist ideology I have my doubts that it is true.

    I was once 8 meters above the ground in a very unstable scaffolder helping a friend to install a parabolic antenna to watch those TV channels that were exclusive for foreigners in Cuba. I couldn’t convince him that the government one day would ask him to take the antenna down. He asked: Why would the government stop me from watching these channels if there is nothing political or against the revolution on them? It is all cartoons, movies and documentaries.

    He probably couldn’t see himself sitting in a high level communist meeting where the main subject was to address that issue. And visualise the main players panicking and asking: if people have access to other TV program even if they are not political they are going to stop watching our channels and we will not have a way to indoctrinate them. It is like disconnecting the cable to the brain, the drip to the vein.

    If Cubans could choose what to think and what to do, that is a big problem for the communist ideology.

  • My bet is that even were both Castro brothers to die or leave the country, the hostility and the U.S. attempt to overthrow the revolution will continue .
    That’s because your problem with Cuba is its socialist-style economy which is exactly the reason for the embargo.
    If you care to maintain your position as being anti-Castro but in favor of capitalism , then you are in the position of supporting almost every other capitalist dictatorship that has existed in the world outside the countries run by a Communist Party .
    This support of any dictator as long as they are anti-socialist and pro-capitalist has been official U.S. foreign policy for 100 years .
    IMO anti-Cubans are those who are complicit in inflicting poverty and misery across the entire Cuban population :you and supporters of capitalism and the embargo/imperialism.
    You’re on the wrong side of history.

  • ….. and promptly shuts them down again within a day.
    A technical problem it seems. Certainly not an opening.

  • Dear rodrigvm!! It’s “Anti-Castro” dear! That old trick of demonizing/vilifying the Cuban community who does not agree with the Castro clan as “anti-Cuba” or “anti-Cuban” is really transparent and tiresome!

  • False alarm! The Castro Oligarchy Mafia does not change it’s spot!

    MIAMI HERALD: Cuba ends censorship — NOT – by Juan Tamayo

    By Friday afternoon, the blocks were back in place, and there were unconfirmed reports that their brief removal had been the result of a mistake on the part of a Cuban government technician.

    “Everything seems to indicate that it was an error,” wrote Alejandro Ulloa, who first reported the lifting of the blocks, in a tweet Friday around 5 p.m. “In other word, yes, these sites are prohibited for Cubans.”

  • Is about time! Lets see how long this lasts!! The Acid Test!

  • I am waiting to see the anti Cuban Miami mafia naysayers criticize this, just like in the USA if Obama gets on the left side of the bed he is criticized because he is a leftist, if he cook something for breakfast he is performing for the press….

  • A small step in the right direction.
    Let’s see what, if anything, evolves from this to expand democratic processes in Cuba.

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