Cuba Has Farm Products Wholesale Market

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban Vice President Marino Murillo told an expanded meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday that a wholesale market has been established for farm products in the Havana municipality of Boyeros.

He noted that such a type of wholesale market will be established in the capital as well as neighboring provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque. Both private buyers and state entities will have access to the market, said Murillo.

Murillo further announced that agricultural markets will operate under two modes: administered by the state and managed by agricultural cooperatives.

4 thoughts on “Cuba Has Farm Products Wholesale Market

  • Yes in Cuba we must and from all over the Afrikan diaspora we must!

  • Sure Griffin yes, I guess it must be s Castros fault again. Because corruptionis typical socialist and never happens within capitalist systems…yeah, yeah… as you an Uncle Tom Moses know everything so well all the time , why don´t you just run for Cuban president and vicepresident? Just join the PCC and go ahead.

  • The state-run markets will be inefficient, wasteful and corrupt operations. The markets run by co-operatives will have some incentive to provide good service and quality products. Buyers will see the difference.

  • Sounds great!

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