Cuba Has First Swine Flu Case

HAVANA TIMES, May 12 — Cuba joined the list of some 30 countries on Monday reporting at least one case of Swine Flu (AH1N1 Virus).

An official note published by Juventud Rebelde newspaper online states that the lone case on the island was brought into the country by a Mexican medical student returning from a holiday in his country.

Cuban Public Health authorities are examining arrivals from Mexico with special caution. As a consequence of the outbreak in Mexico, Cuba suspended direct flights to Mexico City as of April 29.

Sanitary controls have been stepped up at airports and sea ports as well as the epidemiology vigilance at units around the country, states the official note.

Cuba’s network of neighborhood and community doctor’s offices and polyclinics, and the country’s  emphasis on prevention, is the greatest safeguard against an outbreak of Swine Flu or other diseases on the island.