Cuba Hopes to Boost Coconut Production

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 8 —Specialists from the Centre for the Development of El Salvador Mountain, in the eastern province of Guantánamo, are introducing new technologies in the cultivation of coconut, whose production has nose-dived in the last 20 years, the local press reported. The aim is to raise the results in coconut plantations through a management that is “more sustainable based on the use of local resources and adapted to the specific conditions of each area,” said Albaro Blanco Imbert, researcher with that scientific center, reported IPS.

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One thought on “Cuba Hopes to Boost Coconut Production

  • Better late than never, eh? But this important diversification and broadening of the productive economy should obviously have gotten underway that 20 years ago, ‘Special Period’ notwithstanding. Or at least immediately after the crisis. But we know why not, I think.

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