Cuba Immigration Reforms Going into Effect Today

HAVANA TIMES — New immigration measures are being implemented in Cuba starting today that will relax and facilitate travel between the island and other nations of the world, announced the media.

Starting today, Cuban citizens may apply for passports at ID Cards and Population Registration offices as well as in the offices of Immigration and Naturalization throughout the country. This means that a total of 195 sites are available to accept passport applications, according to the Office of Immigration.

The new regulations include the elimination of the previously required “exit permit” and the “letter of invitation,” as well as extending from to 24 months (from the previous 11 months) the time allowed to remain outside of the country without losing the status of citizen-resident.

All children under 18 years-of-age can leave the country as long as they have the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Relatedly, health care and sports professionals who left Cuba after 1990 can now visit the country if they have been away at least eight years (except for those who left through the Guantanamo Naval Base).

Those who migrated illegally after the immigration agreements with the US in 1994 will also be able to visit the island eight years have elapsed since their departure. In addition, the grounds for repatriation have been expanded.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Immigration Reforms Going into Effect Today

  • As a German we had the problems with the wall and that East Germans where not allowed to leave their country… After the wall came down East Germany was history… so were jobs for all, Proper FREE education, a free public health system, and enough for everyone to live on…. All that changed….. Cuba should let the people go which wants to go. They will miss their country as soon as they realize that the west and specially the USA are not the glamorous country they show in TV… Who is not proud to be living under a leader like Fidel Castro should leave and never come back…
    I for myself hope I can go to Cuba and living there once… Cuba and Venezuela, South America is the Future if leaders like Hugo Chavez ruling the countries.. may he rest in peace – we … HUMANS … will miss him…

  • I think many people might wish to leave their homeland for some capitalist country, believing that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” At the same time, I believe there are many people in capitalist countries who would wish to reside in socialist Cuba. So, let’s see how it all turns out.

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