Cuba is on Edward Snowden’s Asylum List

Cuba is among the countries where Edward Snowden is seeking asylum.

HAVANA TIMES – Former US National Security Agency analyst, Edward Snowden, made a request  Sunday from Moscow for asylum in Cuba, among over a dozen other countries, reported Café Fuerte.

Snowden, 30, filed formal requests to a Russian official, who began to deliver them to the  different embassies in the Russian capital, said a statement from Wikileaks.

In addition to Cuba, Snowden is seeking asylum from Bolivia, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Diplomats from Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador had scheduled a meeting Monday in Moscow to discuss the situation, but did not inform whether it took place or the results, and Cuban authorities have not spoken publicly about the request.

According to Cafe Fuerte, on June 24 Snowden bought a ticket for the flight Moscow-Havana, but his seat remained empty for the trip. No reason was given.

Snowden, who is supposedly in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, is wanted by the United States after he provided the Guardian newspaper with details of a secret US government surveillance program.

10 thoughts on “Cuba is on Edward Snowden’s Asylum List

  • The Cuban Gov is not stupid They will not give him any leeway here He deserves to be in a euro country

  • I agree i would prefer he move on I like what he did but my trust is far far away I am always concerned about Assata

  • To be downright honest We in this tribe love him Why
    For those of you who are unafraid to spktruth2power

    Read mine:
    i will not waste time reading your opinions..Why? i come here daily with phone ipad laptop etc, and if i see something i choose to respond to ITS my OPINION you handle yours You have that right RIGHT?
    Moving along:

    First who is amerikkka to hold other nations in captivity, who is amerikkka to colonize and control free people from anywhere in the world What gives amerikkka the right to usurp the voting rights act of Afrikans who were once its chattel? And last what gives the United snakes of amerikkka the right to manipulate scandalize and violate the rights of the people?

    The lesson Ed Snowden says he took from this experience is you can’t wait around for someone else to act. I had been looking for leaders, but I realized that leadership is about being the first to act.” Hmmm sound familiar Thank you Fidel Thank you

    Ps the small letter i means there are no big U;s

  • i know that Mr Ed S will not be allowed here and rightfully so

    BUT i am happy that he has once again dropped humiliation on the liars thieves and scandaous US which has been violating the rights of its cit for years
    When we talk in my city of Matanzas we LOL at how BOLD he was and how afraid now amerikkka is We also doubt that he will not be assassinated

  • I think Cuba is the only country that has the courage to stand up against American Bullying, because every other country in the world does not want to upset USA

  • I urge the Cuban government to issue Mr. Snowden travel document(s) which will allow him to board a Cubana flight, to Havana, in Moscow. In the event the Cuban government will be imposing conditions on Mr. Snowden’s admission to Cuba, (as was the case with the Russian government) Mr. Snowden should be made fully aware of such conditions prior to his departure from Moscow. Mr. Snowden deserves the opportunity to fully air his side of this affair without the restrictions of an American court room or jail cell. To re-pay the Cuban government Mr. Snowden could be requested to conduct security audits on the information technology systems of businesses and government agencies.

  • Cuba would probably only want Snowden to use as trade bait for the rest of the Cuban 5.

  • My irony meter just exploded. Snowden wants to hide out in Cuba. The stupidity and hypocrisy of the man is astounding.

    Well, at least the beaches are nicer than North Korea.

  • I hope Cuba gives Snowden asylum. They deserve each other.

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