Cuba Monitors Honduras Crisis

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 23 – The Cuban press continues to keep a close watch on events taking place in Honduras.  Since the coup on June 28 that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Cuban authorities have called it a dangerous return to the era of military dictatorships that swept Central and South America.

On Wednesday, the Rio Group threw its support to Zelaya and his clandestine return to Honduras, demanding respect for the physical integrity of the president and his family.

Zelaya is held up at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, surrounded by the military that have imposed a state of siege and sent tanks out onto the streets to disband supporters of the deposed leader.

The Rio Group called for dialogue, national reconciliation and a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Honduras.  It also called for the absolute respect for the sovereignty of the Brazilian diplomatic mission under the Vienna Convention.

On Tuesday morning Honduran army troops and police circled the residential district where the Brazilian embassy is located and then attacked the demonstrators using tear gas and rubber bullets.  Three persons died as a result of the repression.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Monitors Honduras Crisis

  • It seems that everyone and their mother are calling for a “peaceful” solution to this situation — but how does one peacefully resolve irreconcilable differences when one of the parties is willing to kill to keep things the way they are..? There is no solution acceptable to the coup-mongers which does not involve maintaining the status quo ante — and thus trashing any move towards a new constitutional order, defined by a people’s Constituent Assembly. And all the bourgeois politicos jumping on this bandwagon are working towards that end, one way or another.

    There is no real resolution of this crisis, one way or the other, without some bloodshed. The only real question is: how much bloodshed. People who call endlessly for “peace” are only confusing the issue — and misdirecting the masses away from truly resolving their long-standing problems with capitalism and the oligarchy.

  • I’m glad someone is monitoring the Honduran situation for here in the USA very little is seen in the media.

    Perhaps is because the government and the US media do not want the North Americans to realize that their government the military ousting of an elected president despite all their “democratic” rhetoric.

    The Honduran situation would have been resolved immediately if the Honduran Military knew that the USA would unequivocally oppose their actions and withdraw all military support.

    It is clear by the current events that USA is still in the old colonial and militaristic mode and fears losing control of a country as well as a military base in a country that needs no foreign bases in the first place.

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