Cuba Must Diversify It’s Sugar Industry

Suger cane cuttter. Foto: Raquel Perez

HAVANA TIMES – The director of the Sugarcane Derivates Research Institute , Luis Galvez, said this weekend that the Cuban sugar industry is “unaffordable ” without the production of sucrose , reported Prensa Latina.

“Diversification is now the only way out,” said the manager, referring to the possibility of producing high component derived electricity generation , animal feed , alcohol and other byproduct applications .

The price of sugar on the world market is currently between 16 and 17 cents USD a pound .

These changes are part of the ideas to be discussed at the XII International Diversification Congress, to be held in October at Havana’s Hotel Nacional, where some 70 experts from 15 countries , including Brazil , Mexico , Dominican Republic , United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany , Uruguay and Iran are expected.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Must Diversify It’s Sugar Industry

  • The problem Cuba faces in resuscitating the once world-leading sugar industry is the same problem Cuba faces across a variety of industries. Prohibiting individual initiative and discouraging foreign investment are major obstacles to advancing new business practices. As long as Cuba remains a dictatorship, these problems will persist.

  • The Castro regime has ruined every industry Cuba has. Diversifying the sugar industry won’t save it so long as the same crew runs the country and the economy.

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