Cuba on Alert to Prevent Entry of Ebola

Ebola virus.

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban health authorities have established a monitoring plan as part of the prevention and control of possible cases of Ebola that could reach the island, following outbreaks of the virus in West Africa, the local television reported this week.

Cuba authorities are maintaining a daily check of its personnel who are on medical missions to African countries, and has applied epidemiological surveillance measures at its ports of entry, in order to identify travelers suffering from Ebola.

Since the outbreak began in March 887 people have died in Africa of 1,603 confirmed cases, according to the latest count by the World Health Organization.

2 thoughts on “Cuba on Alert to Prevent Entry of Ebola

  • A 3rd world country in itself pledges more assistence than not just the US but EU china and russia. The worlds global powers should be ashamed of themselves. Respect to Cuba from New Zealand, if only my country to could see the dangers of such a disease not just to Africans but also ourselves.

  • So far the African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Benin have reported cases of Ebola. Which of these countries have Cuban medical workers stationed there?

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