Cuba on Path of Hurricane Matthew

Graphic: National Hurricane Center
Graphic: National Hurricane Center

HAVANA TIMES — Matthew is now a hurricane and is currently projected to hit somewhere in eastern Cuba in four to five days.  The center of the storm packs 75 mph winds and is moving west at a speed of 15 mph.

At 6 p.m. EST the Cuban Weather Service (Insmet) said the eye of the storm was located at just over 300 miles south-southwest of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Insmet called Matthew dangerous and said it will maintain a close watch over its development.

A National Hurricane Center advisory says Matthew is likely to gradually strengthen in the coming 48 hours.

The last hurricane to cause major damage on the island, also in the east, was Sandy back in October 2012

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  • At this time there is no word of possible impact in Havana.

  • Will Havana be impacted by the hurricane?

  • Matthew was just upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane.

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