Cuba Reaches 2 Million Tourists in 2009

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 31 – For the sixth year in a row Cuba achieved the figure of two million tourists, announced the Ministry of Tourism.  With two months to go in the year, tourist arrivals are up 3.9 percent over last year, reported IPS citing the Ministry.  The growth has occurred despite the economic crisis and the international health situation.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Reaches 2 Million Tourists in 2009

  • As an American who traveled to Cuba this year, I have to say that part of the urgency to see and experience Cuba now is the fear that once it opens up to more tourism and Americanization, the uniqueness that is Cuba now will be gone forever.
    Of course we wish for the sake of family members to have Cuba removed from the list of banned countries for American travel. This ban is ridiculous and embarrassing to Americans like myself are trying to compensate for it by coming to Cuba and talking about ourselves and Barack Obama. We are sure he will lift this ban at some point. It is not possible to change everything at the same time and has numerous crises to deal with now.
    But if not carefully controlled, the growth and trade could bring in too many cars, pollution, beaches and mountains ruined by over-building, etc. Ideally there could be enough trade to allow Cubans the things they need such as building materials, but not the questionable “progress” of consumerism.

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  • A citical evaluation of the trend of Cuba’s tourist industry is past due. As long as tiny Bahamas draws six million, Dominican Republic four million or Saint Augustine in Florida attracts eight million tourists, questions must be asked. Growth must be measured in times, not percentage!

    The sum of tourist attractions in all three destinations -except for the unwanted casinos in the Dominican Republic and Bahamas-, do not account for 50% of the historical, cultural, architectural or intellectual development of historic Havana?

    What to say about the rest of the island, whose land mass is more than the entire Caribbean, Bahamas and Saint Augustine, holding a far wider diversity in flora, fauna, scenery and important exclusive sites of world wide events?

    A careful analysis of today’s modus operandi, modification of some hampering growth regulations, minor changes leading to a wider variety of services and its renowned safe environment, could surpase all of the above…

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