Cuba Ready for Talks with Obama

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 3 – Barack Obama takes office in two and a half weeks and Cuban President Raul Castro restated on Friday that he is ready to meet the US leader for unconditioned direct talks “without intermediaries.” Castro said he had no illusions of major change in US policy towards the island, but noted that Obama has raised a lot of expectations around the world and “could take some positive steps.”

One thought on “Cuba Ready for Talks with Obama

  • 14/09
    Someone once suggested to me, “Give time time.” I think this idea is the lest frustrating way to think about the US removing their embargo of Cuba. I believe in Prayer, slow and repetitive prayer, “I believe the US embargo of Cuba will be removed some day.” I can say that prayer over and over on my fingers, like a Rosary Prayer, And someday the US embargo of Cuba bill will be lifted.


    Robert Cowdery
    Spokane, WA USA

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