Cuba Recalls Ambassador from Paraguay

Fernando Lugo.

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba has called home its ambassador to Paraguay in protest for what it considers a coup last week that removed Fernando Lugo from the presidency.

Cuban President Raul Castro said on Monday that “coups have returned to the continent, but disguised.”

Lugo was removed from office by the Paraguayan Senate on a 39-4 vote.  See the Democracy Now report.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry said that the coup adds to the long list of attacks on the self-determination of the Latin American peoples, carried out by the oligarchies with the responsibility, complicity and tolerance of the US government.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Recalls Ambassador from Paraguay

  • An impeachment process carried in about 24 hours offering virtually no space for defense can only be described as an parliamentary coup.

  • Despite the underlying motivations and incentives, members of the Paraguayan Congress, upper and lower houses, by an overwhelming majority voted to impeach this philanderer. They followed constitutional guidelines and carried out his removal in a lawful and peaceful manner. How does Raul, la china, Castro purse his lips to criticize what another soverign government does within the legal framework of their country? Who does he think he is, the United States?

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