Cuba Reinstates Powdered Milk Price

Powdered milk sold in hard currency.
Powdered milk sold in hard currency.

HAVANA TIMES — The Ministry of Finance and Prices of Cuba on Friday reinstated the price of the bag of milk powder sold in hard currency stores, reported the Cuban News Agency.

The price for a ½ kilo bag returns to 2.90 CUC (3.30 USD); it had risen 45 cents in April of last year. A 1 kilo bag now returns to 5.75 CUC, dropping 85 cents .

The price of a kilo of milk powder is the equivalent to just under a third of the average monthly wage of workers in the island, around 20 CUC.

According to the note, the decision was taken since the product’s international price has fallen considerably.

The powdered milk sold at subsidized prices for children up to 7 years old and those persons with medical diets, remained the same in regular domestic currency (CUP).

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  • Isn’t it sad that Cuba has half as many Cows today than in 1959. I wonder why. Its not like we have an embargo against cows.

  • That requires real cows. Fidel “slaughtered” Cuban cows years ago.

  • Hey Cuba, how about some real milk?

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