Cuba Reports Record Numbers of Covid-19 Cases

By Circles Robinson

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HAVANA TIMES – As Cuba’s all out effort to produce several vaccines for domestic use and sales abroad continues and advances, positive Covid-19 cases on the island of 11.2 million inhabitants have increased dramatically.

Friday reached a new high with 2,464 positive cases, followed by another high of 2,698 on Saturday, dropping to 2,589 on Sunday. These are the Health Ministry’s statistics with no independent verification allowed. All three days’ cases are greater than any since the pandemic began here in March 2020.

As a form on consolation, the official Cuban media often highlights things being worse in the United States, Brazil, and some other capitalist countries. It also never misses a chance to blame the US embargo for any difficulties.

One difference Cuban health authorities have detected is a more equal spreading of the positive cases in numerous provinces. Havana is now only one of the leaders instead of the perennial first place. On Sunday, for example, the most cases were detected in Matanzas (508), Havana (384), Santiago de Cuba (333), Ciego de Avila (222) and Camaguey (175). 

On a daily basis, the government blames the population for spreading the disease, as people scramble to find basic foods and hygiene products in short supply. Rarely are any of the officials criticizing the “indiscipline” seen in the hours’ long lines or on packed public transportation, both ideal places for spreading the virus.

Likewise, policies implemented or not implemented are not open for serious questioning in the monopoly official media. To reassure the population, the Communist Party and its government constantly repeat they are working terribly hard and always have the peoples’ best interests at heart. Their intentions, like Fidel Castro’s when he was in power, are always pure, except for the occasional bad apple that when detected is dismissed into obscurity.

Now the hope is that as more people get vaccinated with the homegrown jabs, at least hospital overload with serious cases will decrease.

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  • Aseres cuba is like a trap – you can get COVID, AIDS, i do not know how to sai itch of the pene…but you can get all of that in cuba. But you can’t get oil for cooking, salt, sugar, meat, vegetables, clean water, a bed, potato, condoms, cigarrillos, wood, rice, bread and so many other things. But there are lots of jails. It is not a happy place to be at.

  • The Cuban 3-dose vaccines are reported by the government to have been fully administered to almost 10% of the population. In all, including those, they Health Ministry says nearly 25% have received one dose. On the other hand, today the positive cases (for Monday) broke another record at 3008.

  • What percentage of the population has been vaccinated? And about how many people are being vaccinated per day?

  • Thanks a lot Brian for your encouraging words and help!

  • Thanks again Circles for giving us this outstanding venue getting news and photos that otherwise would have stayed hidden. Stay well and I sent a donation, small but every cent counts.

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