Cuba Returns to List of Nations with Jailed Journalists

HAVANA TIMES — After a year’s absence from the list, and now with one jailed independent reporter, Cuba was re-added to the report on journalists imprisoned worldwide. This list has been generated annually since 1990 by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), headquartered in New York, reported EFE.

According to CPJ, Cuban citizen Calixto Martinez Arias is the only journalist jailed in the Americas. However, this makes him one of the 232 this year who have suffered oppression by their governments, which have “used charges of terrorism or anti-government offenses to silence critical voices.”

Martinez Arias, who began a hunger strike last month and is in solitary confinement, was accused by Cuban authorities of contempt for shouting slogans against Fidel Castro during his arrest, the statement said.

The report notes that for the first time last year there was no reporter found in prison on the American continent.

One thought on “Cuba Returns to List of Nations with Jailed Journalists

  • The so-called Committee to Protect Journalists is a fraud. CPJ is just a propaganda mouthpiece of US imperialism which the empire uses for attacks on its designated enemies in the sphere of media freedoms.

    CPJ’s guiding principle is imperialist hypocrisy. They tirelessly attack Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but when the rogue US regime bombs inconvenient journalists to bits to shut them up, as it did with its recent mass murder of journalists in Libya, the empire’s toadies at CPJ somehow turn out to have no criticism to make whatever.

    They are beneath contempt.

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