Cuba Runs Short on Cooking Gas, Blames US Sanctions

Liquid cooking gas for sale. File photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba is suffering from shortages of cooking gas due to US sanctions on the island, said the state oil company Union Cubapetroleo, reported dpa news.

Sanctions that were announced in November on the state energy company Corporacion Panamericana led to suppliers cancelling sales of liquid petroleum gas that had been planned for December and January, according to the statement on Monday.

“Current inventories do not cover demand” of subsidized liquid petroleum gas, the sale of which “can only be guaranteed for locations that provide basic services to the population,” Union Cubapetroleo said.

It added that the government was looking for other suppliers and called on Cubans “to adopt measures to save gas and use it efficiently.”

The Trump administration has imposed a string of sanctions to pressure the island to stop supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, accused of massive human rights violations and corruption. 

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Runs Short on Cooking Gas, Blames US Sanctions

  • Blame the USA. Even in the lack of freedom of speech, association, press that the Cuban suffer. Shameless dictatorship

  • Maybe eating less hot food can solve that problem.

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