Cuba said to Owe Romania US $1.2 billion

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba owes some $1.2 to the Romanian state for loans made by the “fraternal friend” during the regime headed by Nicolae Ceausescu, reported the local Adevarul newspaper on Tuesday.

Based on data provided by the Ministry of Finance, it was learned that the Cuban government’s debt amounted to 1.3 billion Soviet rubles since 1991, whose conversion according to Romanian authorities would mean $1.2 billion (USD) today.

The call for payment of the money was met by “absolute rejection by the Cuban authorities at the start of negotiations around agreeing to the coefficient for converting rubles to dollars and for establishing a method of reimbursement,” says the letter from the Ministry of Finance.

2 thoughts on “Cuba said to Owe Romania US $1.2 billion

  • at least ceausescu paid for his crimes and the tyrant got killed!

    I don’t see what sort of guilt has the romanian socialism with the actual economic situation in cuba. every country has to take care of its own internal situation and solve its problems and if u borrow money give it back otherwise is called stealing!

  • I wonder if it would it be possible to calculate the amount Romania owns to Cuba for the damage the Ceausescu regime has done to the reputation of socialism?

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