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HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government expects its economy to grow by over four percent in 2015, says Economy Minister Marino Murillo, reported dpa on Monday.

“In 2015 an increase in GDP (gross domestic product) of slightly above 4% is projected, whereby the modest growth rates and slowing trend of recent years will be reversed,” the official Granma daily quoted Murillo as stating in his presentation of the 2015 Economy Plan during a meeting of the Cabinet on Friday.

Murillo, also in charge of the commission overseeing the market reforms on the island, confirmed that the Cuban GDP is expected to close with a 1.3% growth this year, almost one percentage point below the 2.2 percent initially forecated.

Back in June the government of Raul Castro had reduced its economic growth forecast to 1.4 percent due to a “higher than expected economic slowdown.”

The problems were due mainly to poor performance in the sugar and other manufacturing industries, noted Granma.

The Havana government spent as planned over 2 billion US dollars in food imports in 2014. The economic forecasts point to an expenditure of 2.194 billion dollars in food imports in 2015, 137 million more than this year.

Because of its acute problems of productivity, the island imports each year up to 80 percent of its food. Market reforms implemented over the past five years have so far failed to significantly revive the farm sector.

According to data published in “Granma” in 2013, government spending on food purchases abroad has increased from 1.5 billion USD in 2011.

9 thoughts on “Cuba Says Economy to Rebound in 2015

  • You are a brave guy Griffin and probably correct in your translation. I can vouch for the rewards for athletes as right now the regime is building a substantial house for a gold medal winning womens judo athlete and I know a male who having run for Cuba internationally, was rewarded with a car. Their treatment of medical staff is not so good, but I happen to also know that Chavez gave a car to the surgeon who operated on him in Cuba.
    As a grandfather, I too give sweets as a reward! But I don’t increase the pocket money – doing so might create further expectations!
    Regret that my contributions are shortly to cease as I won;t have access to the Internet – shuts me up, so it works!

  • I will take a shot at translating Murilla’s gobbledygook:

    “We are interfering in things we don’t understand. We are telling people what to do, and then watching them to make sure they do it. If anything goes wrong, we will blame the lower level managers and workers. And you’re not allowed to criticize us!”

    Same thing they have said for 55 years.

  • In presenting his budget, Marino Murilla revealed that it is expected that he is expecting an expenditure of $2.194 billion to import food an increase on 2014.
    More will be spent on flour, soy beans, wheat and seed potatoes. He said that employment stands at 2% above the projected rate, Salaries ($20 a month is a salary?) increased by 9.1% reflecting raises approved for athletes and medical professionals.
    Employment in tthe state sector is expected to decline by 2.6%
    In a classic statement of gobbledygook Marino Murillo said:
    “Extremely complex tasks impacting the population are being undertaken, requiring continual training of personnel, in addition to a systematic process of follow-up, supervision and enforcement.Partial results are being evaluated, with a view toward correcting, in a timely fashion, errors which could temporarlly affect a part of the population, or give an erroneous impression of the objectives of the updating.”
    Only Socialists could understand that!

  • ronrobel777, in case you don’t understand Socialism in practice, price controls and every other possible form of control is an essential factor within Socialist thinking. The price controls have been reducing production for fifty five years. Costs of production have been exceeding price levels – potatoes being an example.
    To describe those tilling a very small portion of the good land in Cuba as “independent” is rather humorous. To describe them as “farmers” when they struggle to till 2 acres is a misnomer Cuba lacks farmers. I have visited Cuban agricultural cooperatives and there production levels are low with a high level of labour input. But then the cheapest thing under the Socialismo system is the labour of the people!!
    Socialism in practice has two guiding principles. CONTROL and POWER!
    In Cuba that control and power is held by the Castro family regime.

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