Cuba Says No Cuban Troops Are in Syria

minrexHAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government today “categorically” denied the presence of Cuban troops in Syria, according to an official note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), reported dpa news.

The Minrex Director General of Bilateral Affairs , Gerardo Peñalver, refuted the “irresponsible and unfounded information” on the alleged presence of Cuban troops in Syria, which some media have echoed.”

This week, Fox News assured that Cuban tank operators arrived in Syria to fight alongside government troops and Russian military supporting Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

The right wing US TV network quoted Pentagon sources, but a spokesman for the institution, John Kirby, said he could not confirm that version.

Bashar Al Assad and Raul Castro. Photo:
Bashar Al Assad and Raul Castro. Photo:

The governments of Cuba and Syria are allies for decades. During his speech last month at the United Nations General Assembly, Cuban President Raul Castro, empathized support for his counterpart, Bashar Al Assad.

“Let the people solve their own problems,” Castro said at the rostrum of the UN, referring to internal Syrian conflict.

In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, Cuba deployed a battalion of tanks in the Golan Heights in support of the Damascus government against Israeli troops.

22 thoughts on “Cuba Says No Cuban Troops Are in Syria

  • Do we know yet for sure whether or not there Cuban troops in Syria? I haven’t seen any further news items.

  • I’m no fan of FOX, but it does look now as of they were correct.

  • Fox News = oxymoron (a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness);broadly :something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements )

    Do us all a favor and stop referring to Fox as a news outlet , they are nothing more than advocates to the rich and powerful , just about some of the most hateful personalities that appeared on your TV screen is at Fox.
    We are dealing with hateful bigoted misleading ignorant warmongering SOB,s , actively promoting discourse among humanity .
    We need to keep in mind that the Cuban government is an independent entity , free to choose their own national interest , to the best of my knowledge the Cubans have not invaded or occupied someone else’s country .
    The mess in Syria is unleashed by the government of the United States of America , my answer to the situation in Syria is a Foreign Legion , the Syrian government should allow volunteers to come from anywhere and everywhere to fight this cancer , the main point of the volunteers is to rebuke American politics and tell the Americans enough is enough , Syria would be the last time that such ignorant misery will be allowed to take place on this planet , all the victims of American politics need to join the fight against this ignorant warmongering American politics , after that they short go anywhere where they are needed , they don’t have to pick up guns or fire bullets all what they have to do is to be there and provide support to the Syrian people .
    Thanks to the Honorable Russian army there is no need for anyone else to join the fight .
    Russians have proven themselves on more than one occasion to be capable of fighting such ignorant fundamentalism .
    keep in mind it was American provided explosives that destroyed World Heritage Sites in Syria .
    What I think should happen is that the Cuban prosecutor should allow the victims of American crime to utilize the Cuban legal system and press charges against Americans for the crime that was committed on Cuban soil in Guantanamo , keep in mind they include kidnap battery sexual assault and god knows what else

  • Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’m no fan of Fox news either but I think that they got this one right.

  • On the contrary, Raul had better deny that there are Cuban troops in Syria. He sorely needs to curry favor with the US Congress and supporting al-Assad has the opposite effect.

  • You are certainly right to say that Castro has given diplomatic support to Assad. But according to one account the ICCAS has referred to the reports of Cuban troops in Syria as “unconfirmed.” In any case, we’ll know fairly soon if these reports are accurate.

  • To be clear, I’m a CASTRO-basher. There’s a difference. I am far from elated, neither am I surprised. Once again, the Castros are on the wrong side of history.

  • Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..

  • How the hell do you know?

  • I agree, that would be a big mistake on Raul Castro’s part. I cannot believe he would make that kind of mistake now that the US is so close to lifting the embargo. However, Cuba does have the right to manage their own affairs.

  • Aren’t you a Canadian?

  • Moses do you work for the CIA? How are you so sure that Cuban troops are in Syria? As a Cuba basher you must be elated to find another piece of anti Cuba propaganda to chew on.

  • The photo is self explanatory. Me thinks that they are talking about the Syrian refugees and how many of them Cuba will not accept. Hmmm . . .me thinks.

  • Agreed. Good post.
    ISIS and radical Islam have made the area a far different one than just a few years ago .
    Assad is caught in the shifting sands of history.

  • IMO
    Fox News or Faux News as many call it, will say anything to increase audience share which drives the ratings that ad rates are based upon.
    I watch a lot of Fox News as part of a personal ongoing 45-year study of the media . They reflect the views of the know-nothing Trump crowd; a predominantly older, white and uneducated group but are to the right of Trump as far as the ideology they push .
    A startling percentage of Fox fans will watch ONLY Fox because it most closely reflects their own disinformed views.
    When I call the U.S.public/electorate dumbed-down I am confirmed by the fact that Fox is , by far the most watched news source because………….it’s ENTERTAINING …often fiction and highly inaccurate when it presents it as fact.
    Trump is just a misinformed/disinformed entertainer and like most Americans does not know what socialism or communism are .He spouts nonsense and the great and angry unwashed eat it up as something entirely plausible and most important , it is what they already believe is true.
    They don’t watch any other source to bounce their craziness off .
    Fox is driven often by the same crazy right-wing ideology because it is very popular amongst a certain percentage of the electorate and it drives their ratings.
    If there were Cuban troops in Syria, the Cuban government would make the announcement .
    As it was in Angola when the Cubans went it alone, I do not believe the Cubans are interested in getting troops involved in Syria NOR do the very powerful (vis a vis ISIS/any other opposition) Russians need their help .

  • Raul Castro has already spoken about his strong diplomatic support for the regime of Bashir al-Assad. Syrian diplomatic & military representatives visited Havana a few months ago. Therefore, Cuba already has long standing ties to the Assad dictatorship.

    The original source of the report in FoxNews was the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.

  • Are you joking? The Cubans are there. Raul is just lying about it.

  • The Cuban troops are in Syria. Let’s face it. The Castros have no problem with lying about it. This deployment has very little to do with Cuba’s relationship with Syria and everything to do with Putin’s ability to pimp out his Cuban satellite. Why use Russian troops when there are Cubans? Raul has already sold his soul to the devil, sending Cubans to Syria is just an installment payment.

  • Let’s hope thee are no Cuban troops in Syria. Cuba’s standing in the world can only be damaged by ties to the Assad dictatorship.

  • Once again FOX News spews warmongering rubbish so as to further entrench their political allegiances within American Politics and create animosity within the American population towards Cubans. I am sick of FOX. They are a puppet news service enamored with their profit hungry masters!

  • No strategic value to alliance with Assad at this time. Assad will never retake control of the Syria he inherited from his late father. The old boundaries and dictatorships that date from the end of colonial period are beig redrawn. A good move for Assad would be to cut a deal on a retirement Vila in Cuba.

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