minrexHAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government today “categorically” denied the presence of Cuban troops in Syria, according to an official note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), reported dpa news.

The Minrex Director General of Bilateral Affairs , Gerardo Peñalver, refuted the “irresponsible and unfounded information” on the alleged presence of Cuban troops in Syria, which some media have echoed.”

This week, Fox News assured that Cuban tank operators arrived in Syria to fight alongside government troops and Russian military supporting Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

The right wing US TV network quoted Pentagon sources, but a spokesman for the institution, John Kirby, said he could not confirm that version.

Bashar Al Assad and Raul Castro. Photo: cubadebate.cu
Bashar Al Assad and Raul Castro. Photo: cubadebate.cu

The governments of Cuba and Syria are allies for decades. During his speech last month at the United Nations General Assembly, Cuban President Raul Castro, empathized support for his counterpart, Bashar Al Assad.

“Let the people solve their own problems,” Castro said at the rostrum of the UN, referring to internal Syrian conflict.

In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, Cuba deployed a battalion of tanks in the Golan Heights in support of the Damascus government against Israeli troops.

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