Cuba Says US Travel Ban Hurts Big-time

By Circles Robinson

Ordinary US citizens must travel illegally through third countries to visit Cuba. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 16 — Cuba said on Friday that the travel ban that keeps ordinary US citizens from visiting the island nation cost Cuba over a billion dollars in lost revenues during 2009.

As part of Cuba’s presentation to the United Nations on the effects of the steadfast US economic aggression, Ministry of Tourism official Carmen Casals Sanchez said the travel ban deprives Cuba of a market estimated at 15 percent of US tourism to the Caribbean.

Cuba’s demand for an end of the US blockade will come to a vote for the 19th consecutive year at the United Nations on October 26th.

In 2009, of the 187 countries voting only three supported the blockade: the US, Israel and Palau.  Two abstained, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.

US Congress people supporting the travel ban say that lifting the prohibition would help the Castro government which they want to see removed.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Says US Travel Ban Hurts Big-time

  • Yup, agree with Glenn. Wherever *they* travel, others will avoid. Too bad, so sad!

  • When the ban by the USA on its people visiting Cuba is lifted, you will certainly get a flood of US tourists, but the number from other countries will cut back!

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