Cuba Sees its Covid-19 Positives Up nearly 50% in One Day


HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban Communist Party daily, Granma, reports today that the number of Covid-19 positive cases on the island increased by 48.75% in the last 24-hours to a total of 119 patients.

Some 2,000 persons are isolated in care centers under observation, said the Health Ministry. This includes 1,860 Cubans and 140 foreigners.

So far, the authorities say that 1,368 tests have been administered with the 119 turning out positive.  The daily notes that another 31,347 are being monitored in their homes. 

10 thoughts on “Cuba Sees its Covid-19 Positives Up nearly 50% in One Day

  • I’m canadian and have been to Cuba many times. I know what they deal with in good times and I can’t imagine the misery those people are dealing with now. I pray covid-19 doesn’t blow up on them.

  • Kennedy Earle Clarke is challenging Murillo of Nicaragua for first place in the competition for irrational quasi-religious prattle.

  • Clarke disinformation.
    “H1N1 in 2009, which took the lives of 18,499 persons. No one referred to it as the USA epidemic?”

    The 2009 swine flu outbreak originated in Veracruz, Mexico. Health workers traced the virus to a pig farm in this southeastern Mexican state.

    Iranian regime arms and funds Hezbollah a terrorist group who truck bombed the US marines twice killing many including once at there base inside Saudi Arabia among numerous other acts.

    Nothing wrong with criticizing a undemocratic communist dictatorship it’s called free speech something they don’t have in Cuba.

  • Bien dicho, Chester. It seems almost like the usual Cuba bashers on this site are smugly rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the worst for Cuba – both in the health and economic spheres.

  • Well said Clarke, the problem with most of the regular contributors to this page is that they are so intrenched in their ideologies that they cannot “see the wood for the trees….” The hard truth is, America with all its wealth is in the same boat as poor old Cuba.

    It’s too late to attempt to explain to certain people what the word ‘pandemic’ means. I pray that you all survive to churn out more one-sided rubbish in the future.

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