Cuba Sends Additional Doctors to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

More Cuban doctors are heading to Haiti. Photo: Ismael Francisco/
More Cuban doctors are heading to Haiti. Photo: Ismael Francisco/

HAVANA TIMES  – The Cuban government announced today it is sending a medical team to Haiti for the relief of the victims after the devastating hurricane “Matthew”, local media reported.

“A brigade of 38 Cuban doctors specialized in disaster situations will leave for Haiti,” said an official note read on Cuban television.

The group is composed of “experienced professionals” as part of the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics Henry Reeve.

The brigade will join the 600 Cuban doctors and other health workers currently serving in Haitian territory, said “Granma” newspaper.

On its way through Haiti this week, hurricane “Matthew” left hundreds of dead and many thousands homeless.

Cuban doctors have been in Haiti since 1998, after Hurricane “Georges” and its presence was expanded after the earthquake that caused widespread damage in Port-au-Prince in 2010.

7 thoughts on “Cuba Sends Additional Doctors to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

  • The U.S. won’t send anyone unless there’s oil or other resources to pillage. Then they’ll send the military to take it by force. The U.S. has become a pathetic shell of its former self.

  • The niece of a friend of mine has been sent to Haiti, Venezuela and Brazil. She has various kids whose formative years she has been forced to miss. When she once asked to be “passed over” she was told she had two options: go or be struck off. Her knowledge of languages makes her an asset for the regime, an asset it will not give any freedom to see her kids grow up. Her humanity is denied. She price she has to pay for the pittance she gets is way too high.
    Doctors in South Africa at first were allowed to go there with their families. This was later reversed as it increased the risk of “defections”. It is with good grounds that some people refer to doctors’ families in Cuba as “hostages” for a return to Cuba and a continued availability for exploitation.

    MSF in Haiti:

  • Regretfully all “medical missions” have a large propaganda aspect. The propaganda is less effective since the fact that most “missions” are trade and not aid. The “missions” to Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, …. bring in between 8 to 10 billion dollars a year for the regime at the expense of the doctors involved. Even the doctors in Haiti are paid for or “sponsored” by NGO’s opr third countries. Yoani Sanchez referred to them as “serfs” and she is right. Doctors that refuse “missions” are threatened with being struck off.

  • In “free” countries, Doctors can be encouraged to volunteer but the government is incapable of forcing Doctors to work in the same way the Castros are capable of conscripting medical staff. Nonetheless, for genuinely altruistic reasons, international aid organizations like ‘Doctors without Borders’ include scores of American volunteers and are on the ground in Haiti in large numbers.

  • how many American or Russian doctors are heading to Haiti. ????

  • This is a humanitarian mission I sincerely hope or is it just another move by the Castro admin to promote the Castro philosophy and to attempt to pull the wool over the rest of the world? The cost of these humanitarian missions should not ever be an issue in times like these! All aid , and assistance should go straight to those who most require it. Surely the UN will also have trained doctors , nurses, engineers and whoever else is required on site assisting those who need help urgently.

  • The question is again: who pays for them?
    In the past Norway has paid Cuba for its operations in Haiti. NGO’s have paid for doctors. The USA has provided the field hospitals and the medicines.
    While Cuba takes the praise these doctors would be useless without other countries support. Cuba should humbly accept that instead of claiming propaganda coin for it.

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