Cuba Sends Doctors to Honduras; Mexico Forces Deportees to Traverse “Disinfection Tunnels”

By Democracy Now
Image Credit: Twitter: @EugenioMtnez

HAVANA TIMES – At the U.S.-Mexico border, Mexican authorities are forcing people recently deported from the U.S. to walk through “disinfection tunnels” upon their arrival. Recently there was a large coronavirus outbreak at a shelter in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, after a recently deported person arrived from the U.S. without knowing he was a carrier of COVID-19. Mexico has over 10,000 cases and a death toll of nearly 1,000 people.

In Honduras, Cuba has dispatched another medical brigade to help the country’s fragile health system cope with the coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 cases in Honduras now top 500, leaving hospitals with already weak infrastructure, scarce medicines and medical staff completely overwhelmed.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Sends Doctors to Honduras; Mexico Forces Deportees to Traverse “Disinfection Tunnels”

  • Your enthusiasm to find something positive to say about Cuba is indefatigable. The Cuban “health system” is a disaster. Lacking clean and functional facilities, adequate water, sanitation and even electricity at times, Cubans have to bring their own linen, food and cleaning supplies to accommodate overnight hospital stays. Cuban doctors lack testing equipment and are forced to make adhoc diagnoses. Make no mistake, the health delivery system in the US is woefully inadequate for any first world country let alone the richest economy in the world. But that insufficiency does not excuse the failures in Cuba.

  • Did the Honduran Government requested help from the USA? It could not, because the Corona Virus is showing up the extreme weakness of the USA Health System, where the rich must live and the poor MUST DIE! It is to Cuba which has the BEST HEALTH SYSTEM IN THE WORLD, that they asked for assistance and Cuba replied possitively. The Last Administation in Brazil had Cuban Teachers, Doctors, Nurses going to the remotest corners of the country, looking after the inhabitants education and their health– TWO BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS: The right wing, anti working class government took over and expelled the Cubans; the COVID 19 has invaded the country and is wreaking havoc among the inhabitants, due to the weak health system introduced by the right winged Government. Thank God, the Honduran Government had the Vision and the Foresight to ask the Cubans to come and assist them!

    You just cannot keep a good man down!

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