Cuba Sends Off Brigade to Liberia and Guinea to Fight Ebola

Cuban President Raul Castro addressingt the Summit in Havana on Monday to coordinate efforts of the  ALBA countries in the fight against ébola.
Cuban President Raul Castro addressing the Summit in Havana on Monday to coordinate efforts of the ALBA countries in the fight against ébola.

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro announced today the departure on Tuesday of 91 aid workers to Liberia and Guinea to combat Ebola. The first brigade of 165 health workers traveled earlier this month to Sierra Leone.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21 two brigades will leave for Liberia and Guinea, where advance teams are already in both countries,” Castro said at the opening of a regional conference of the leftist ALBA bloc on the Ebola epidemic.

Of the two groups of health workers, 53 will travel to Liberia, according to the Minister of Health of the island, Roberto Morales. The African country is the hardest hit by what is already the worst Ebola epidemic in history.

The other 38 doctors and support persons will travel to Guinea. In total, the island will have sent 256 doctors and health workers in West Africa.

Castro reiterated his government’s willingness to cooperate with others in the prevention and fight against Ebola. “We also invite the nations of North America to cooperate in this endeavor,” he said.

In an article published on Saturday in the Cuban press, former Cuban President Fidel Castro had offered cooperation to the United States, despite the ideological rivalry between the two countries’ governments.

Although he is officially removed from power for years, Fidel Castro continues to have considerable influence in the Cuban government.

The UN special coordinator for Ebola, David Nabarro, praised Cuba in the opening of the summit for its contribution in the fight against the epidemic.

With the first group of aid workers, the small Caribbean island has already sent more aid to the countries affected than the United States or the United Kingdom, said Nabarro reading from a message from the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

The summit in Havana on Ebola, convened by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) bloc, brings together several presidents, including Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and Bolivia’s Evo Morales, as well as senior representatives of several international organizations.

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  • Hello there,

    please. I just want to ask about a man his name was Terry Dowey from UK / DunDee

  • Shaming Obama into working with Cuba? That, in your opinion, is a good strategy to engender a spirit of cooperation? Would that work with you? Why do you assume Obama would ignore Fidel? So, how well do you think Fidel’s plan will work? Do you really believe Obama ordered his CDC Director to draw up plans to work with the banana republic’s medical research team? Are you that naïve? Even Fidel knew this was not the way to get access to the US. He did accomplish what he wanted to do though. He obviously convinced folks like you that he is has a genuine interest in working with his nemesis the US. Yea, right

  • MOSES! Fidel doesn’t NEED to do anything of the sort. Why put the message in the press? Because without doing so, Obama would simply ignore Fidel. Propaganda? I don’t think so. It certainly got your attention…and Obama’s too no doubt. Fidel achieved his goal…no matter how arrogantly you feel that he has over-stepped his place on the world stage. I mean…who does Fidel think he is…talking openly about coordinating efforts with the US? Shame on him! Moses, you seem as confused about this as Mike Tyson at a spelling-bee.

  • TERRY! If what you suggest was true, Fidel simply needed to call the Swiss ambassador in Havana and leave a message for Obama. Why put the message in the press unless he wanted to milk it for its propaganda value?

  • Your negative spin on the Castro’s invitation is very telling…how dare little Cuba and the Castro’s propose that the US and Cuba work closely together, without prejudice, to help defeat this global threat. Are you telling me that there IS NO gap in coordinating their combined efforts? At least Cuba recognizes that there is…and has extended the invitation to close that gap for the greater good of all…putting politics aside.

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