Cuba Sighs As Maduro Wins Close Election

Nicolas Maduro after voting on Sunday.  Photo: Caridad
Nicolas Maduro after voting on Sunday. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — Nicolas Maduro, the self proclaimed “son” of the late President Hugo Chavez, was elected on Sunday to govern Venezuela for the period 2013-2019, reported dpa news.

The voting was much closer than the polls had predicted with Maduro receiving 50.66% to Henrique Capriles 49.07%, informed Tibisay Lucena, the head of the Venezuelan Electoral Council.

Maduro received  7,505,338 votes compared to 7,270,403  for Capriles.

Lucena noted that voting took place in calm and that 78.71% of the registered voters went to the polls.

Maduro supporters are gathered early Monday at Miraflores Palace for their celebration.

Opposition candidate Capriles refused to accept defeat saying he would only recognize the results after a  full vote by vote manual recount.

The victory, no matter how small, brought a sigh of relief in Cuba which stood to lose its source of fuel and main trade and cooperation partner if Capriles had won the election.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Sighs As Maduro Wins Close Election

  • Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. The people that voted for Maduro, in this election are the same type, as those supporting Obama in our last election.!! Bought and paid for with government money!! Eventually both countries will go bankrupt.

  • For me again it shows that a mini terrorist-fascist like Capriles, tending to lure people calling him a left-centrist, is not capable to accept democratic decicions. The Venezuelan left could claim as well fraude, considering that Capriles got more votes than expected ( had a clever campaign abusing the symbols of the Bolivarian Revolution and presenting himself as a moderate leftist – which he definitely is not.).

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